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Thanks For The Warning

Debbie, FL, USA
May 2002

Before I get to the main story, there is sort of a sub- plot. I'll get through it quickly.

When we moved into this house less than a year ago, I instantly felt a presence. Especially from one of the bedrooms. Months after we moved in, for two good weeks, strange things have been happening, like a toy turning on and being played by itself, tapping on the bedroom window, hearing someone call my name (which I instantly thought it was his deceased mom, that's who I felt was staring at me from the corner of my room, you know how spirits are believed to put thoughts in your head? But you don't know if your thought is correct or not?), and seeing things from the corner of my eye. The presences I felt were getting heavier and heavier. Someone was watching me from the hallway and the corner of my bedroom. I felt that there were two women and a little boy.

When we moved in, my son almost instantly told me there was a little boy named Teddy in his room, he was okay with it at first, but then he blatantly refused to go into his room alone anymore. His reason? He was afraid of Teddy, he doesn't play nice, he said. My son is 3.

Other things happened, and I was starting to feel like someone was seriously watching me from the corner of my room, it got to the point where I would always wake up at 2:30am and have to use the bathroom, but I would actually hold it in because I was so scared! I'm a 30 year old woman for cryin' out loud!

One night, I had a dream of my husband's deceased mother. We introduced ourselves. Two days later, I had another dream of her, she said to tell my husband "It's alright. Everything's going to be okay." With both her hands up, kinda pushing them straight forward as she's saying this. In my dream, I actually knew my husband was sleeping on the couch in real life, and I started to yell "Honey! Wake up! I'm talking to your mother! She has a message for you!" His mother was looking at me like, "Okay, whatever." In my dream, I thought perhaps I could be a medium for my husband. Mind you, I've never met his Mom in real life.

When I woke up the next day, I asked my hubby if he heard me yelling in my sleep. He did not.

A couple weeks went by, and my husband took my son and our dog out to the stores one night. Leaving me home alone with my 5 month old baby. I wanted to say "No! Don't leave!" But he would just think I was being weird, I never told him any of this stuff, except for the dream of his mom, and even then, it seemed like he didn't even appreciate that. They left, and the feeling of fear and panic came over me. Holding my baby, I called my mom and made her stay on the phone with me until they returned! She knows everything that's been happening. I was crying, trying not to, but I was freaked out and trying to keep my composure at the same time. One week later, I had a very bad feeling for the whole day, that something "bad" was going to happen. I could not shake the feeling. Now, here's the story:

Because of this bad feeling, I put my two kids in bed with me, my husband works 'til the wee hours of the morning, and I did not want to leave the kids alone. How many times have I let my son fall asleep in front of the TV in the living room? (Which is right close to my room). Then my husband would move him to bed when he got home.The kids are fast asleep, I'm watching TV in bed, it's 11pm I know, because Crossing Over with John Edward just came on Sci-Fi Channel, and I'm fighting to keep my eyes opened! I was actually afraid to go to sleep. I couldn't fight it anymore, I fell asleep fast and hard. I had a dream of a man and little boy from the 30's or 40's era,the man wore a fedora, a white tank tee and suspenders with grey slacks,and the boy was like 10 wearing an old fashioned school boy outfit with cap and all. (Kinda Angus Young looking!) were standing under a small high first floor window. When I was awoken by a real clear voice; "Debbie", it called out to me from the corner of my room. I immediately sat up. It was only 11:10 at this point. I then heard the sound of metal scraping. It sounded like real metal on aluminum. My dog was growling a very low pitched growl, which I've never heard her do! I was scared! I was too afraid to get up. I was just sitting and listening, (I thought I was being visited by a nasty spirit, to tell you the truth. Wouldn't you!?) when I hear my dog barking...outside! With great relief, I figured she opened the door and got out! Wait a minute! The sliding glass door? Hey, I'm the adult, I've got to get up and investigate.

I crept out of my room, to the back door. There was nothing to grab as a weapon along the way, it's a rather small house, the size of a large condo. When I got there, the glass door was opened just an inch,and my dog was crouching down growling, as I called her name, I slid open the door. She ran across the back yard, back to me, looked into my eyes, and ran back across the yard again. I called my husband at work. Told him that the dog was out, so watch out for her. Then I said "Don't you think it's a little peculiar that the dog got out of the sliding glass door and shut it again? Some dog! It was 11:20 at this point.

I looked in the garage, there's an entrance door from the kitchen, everything looked cool, I went back to bed. My husband. came home a little after 1am. Why so early? Because of the dog! Ranks a rot! He got the dog, and we were talking, when I remembered I had a Fantasy 5 ticket in my purse, I wanted to check it online. I immediately went to get it from the dining table, which is right near the sliding glass door, and it wasn't there. All of a sudden, it hit me! My purse and my leather baby bag was missing! "I was robbed!" I said to my husband! I double looked all over the house. Nothing! I called the police. They came. Also the K-9 dog and all came, dusted for fingerprints. The K-9 dog followed a scent through my backyard, but it ended (perhaps someone jumped on a bike?) and they found the window to my garage, a small high up window, with it's screen knocked out and a lawn chair under it! They never found my purse, my bag, or anything. So what! My kids were okay! I was okay! I forgot to mention that when I heard the scraping noise, I said a prayer "Please, just dont' let my children get hurt!"

Well, since then, I do not feel someone staring at me from the corner of my room, I am not afraid to get up to go to the bathroom, and I don't have a feeling of fear. Weird, huh?

I certainly do feel a presence, but I am not scared. To think, someone was actually in my house!!!!!! Thank God we didn't end up as a newspaper story! And thank you, whoever it was, for the warning.

Debbie, FL, USA
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