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Thanks George

Katie, IL, USA
February 2008

I used to work at Einstein Bagel Bros. in Lake in The Hills, Illinois, USA.
I was there for a little over a year and knew all my coworkers like family. My experiences started after maybe 6 months of working there.

One night, it was just me and one of the closing managers (we'll call her "Liz"). Liz wasn't one of my favorite people to work with, since she very rarely helped with the closing list and convieniently disappeared when there were customers.
Anyway's, that afternoon was really windy, overcast, threatening a thunderstorm. I decided I would pack up the outdoor furniture early because I didn't want to get stuck in the pouring rain. But before I did that, I brought up a new basket of cinnamon bagels and left them on the cream cheese line. When I came back in, three of the bagels were sitting out on the line, two toasted and all three with strawberry cream cheese. Thinking maybe Liz was making something to bring home, I went in the back and asked her if I should wrap them up for her. She gave me a questioning look and told me she hadn't been up front. I was a little creeped out, but just to make me more nervous, an elderly couple came in and guessed it! Three cinnamon bagels; two toasted, all with strawberry cream cheese.

The next weekend that I worked, I told one of my good friends, "Jen" about it. She had been working there for about 2 years at that time and said: "Oh you mean George?" I guess many other former employees would receive help from this mysterious being and started to call it George. She also told me he must really like me because George hasn't helped some of our other (not to mention, rude) employees and especially not Liz.

After that I had experienced more strange occurrences. Like things already being done for us and checked off the closing list that nobody's claimed credit for, or when filling the ice machine, it would magically be filled before you got the chance to pour the first bucket-full in. And whenever I needed things off of high shelves, and would have to normally stand on a chair to get, they would mysteriously tilt forward and fall on the ground in front of us.

After a while, Jen and I would laugh together about our helpful Einstein's ghost and shout "thanks George!" whenever these weird things happened.

Katie, IL, USA
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