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That's Not Seth!

Missouri, USA
February 1998

In 1991, I was attending the University of Missouri at Columbia. A friend of mine, named Dan and I had just arrived at the house he and some other people were renting. It was perhaps 7 or 8 in the evening. It was after sundown. The house was at least 60 years old and somewhat run-down as campus houses often are. The place was reputed to be haunted. Some of the people who lived there had already claimed to have seen the ghost. We were the only people in the house as far as we knew. Dan was in his bedroom and I was standing in his doorway, leading to a long hallway. The bedroom was lit but the hall was dark. Dan and I were talking when he abruptly stopped speaking. He seemed to be staring at me when in fact he was staring past me. I asked him what was his problem. Presently he said he had just seen the ghost. It had just "floated" past his doorway, down the hall behind me. He said it was a dark figure about 7' tall. The front of it appeared white. A friend of ours named Seth lived there as well. Dan said he almost said "Hello Seth." to the ghost when he realized what he was seeing. At that time I had known Dan for 2 years and I still consider him reliable and honest.

Missouri, USA
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