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That Eerie Feeling

August 2005

This may not be scary to you but it sure did make me think twice about the effects that spirits have in the physical world.

Just so you know, I am prone to ear infections because of severe allergies. That is why I thought I had a fever. I had taken my temperature three times...alternating with two different thermometers, but the reading was the same...97 on the dot. I thought that was strange because I had the goosebumps but I was so very very warm. I sat down to finish the scrapbook I was working on and put my hands on the carpet on either side of me. To my surprise, the carpet was very hot too. Hmmmm....I moved my hands along the carpet in circles but found that there were only two spots (the spots my hands had touched for just a second) that were hot. Curious as I am, I stood up and the lamp on the nightstand table flickered. I never touched that lamp because when my father had collapsed he had knocked it off the nightstand and it shone brightly on the floor where he died a few years ago. But you know how things make you do a "double take?" I did not realize that where I was standing was EXACTLY where my father had collapsed and where I did CPR on him the night he died. What was even more strange was that the hot spots on the carpet that I had felt were in the approximate location of where my father's arms had rested by his side when they had pronounced his death! It might be a stretch....but if I've learned anything from this experience, it is that the distance between our world and their world might not be as far as you think!

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