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That Feeling....

Anie, Ontario, Canada
June 2004

Hi. My name is Anie and although this story may not seem like much, it's very intense when it happens.

Last summer my family and I took a trip to Ottawa. The very first day were there we decided to go the Museum of Nature. It was quite interesting an somewhat peaceful. Now I have always believed in ghosts and my imagination can run away with me sometimes but in this case ghosts was the last thing on my mind. Anyways we traveled up to the fourth (top) floor and on the way checked the map. It said that one half of the building was a permanent exhibit and the other half of the floor was used for specialty exhibits and at that time, summer camp. So there was really nothing to see but I was just a bit curious anyways.

Before I go any further, the museum was very open and from all the way on the top floor you could look down and see the large entrance/main hall. You could also here everyone on the lower floors so there was no real sense of disconnection or discomfort.

When we reached the top floor, I headed straight to the empty section dragging and encouraging my younger sister along with me. When I finally got only a few steps into the hallway on that side, I had the most sinking, stomach turning feeling of dread. I couldn't go any further and I turned and saw my sister walking full pace towards that section. All I could do was yell at her to stop. I couldn't ever know why but I wasn't going to let her go over there.

Now normally if I had yelled at my sister the way I did then my mom would have flipped but she didn't say a thing to me but told my sister to stop. My sister asked me why I had done that but I just walked straight into the other exhibit and didn't look back, the whole time I was shaking.

Later on that week, we decided to take a haunted walk that toured around Ottawa and they told you ghost stories about buildings. I had almost forgotten my experience until I heard the guide tell a story about the Museum of Nature.

Apparently, many workers had experienced strange happenings and one director had even had the ghost of a man walk straight through her all in that hall way I got to be so terrified of.

There was no way I could have known about this story as I hadn't even heard of the Museum of Nature until we went there. I have ever since then thought I had some sort of sense but it really hit me when I had the same feeling in a movie theatre in downtown Barrie. The feeling got so bad my friends and I refunded our tickets and went home because I was almost in tears I was so scared.

Anie, Ontario, Canada
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