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The "Harriet" Incident

Marre, Wisconsin, USA
June 2003

Hey everyone! This story is for all who believe. It isn't like this hasn't happened to me all my life or anything, but of all the ones that have come to me either through a dreamline or thought, this one got to me good.

I was about to wake up about 4 in the morning, when I noticed the sun trying to come up early and wanted to catch the beauty of it, since I live back in The Dells again and have missed it rising on the cliffs. Florida was nice and all, but I just had to try and wake up for this, then I nodded back off into dreamland somehow when something told me to wake back up saying it was important that I listen, in a voice like the Gone With The Wind maid hint to it. As I looked up I froze and then told my then husband to look cause I wanted him to see what I was seeing. He just says "Oh, another ghost is talking to you again", and rolls onto his other side. Well, she did not bother to disappear or anything, and she was quite adamant that I listen. She had on a red bandana just like the maid and was a bit round like her too. Then she leaned over and touched me! Ahhhhh! I freaked...THEN she decides to go away... Yet this is not all I was to learn, and about Two weeks later I did...

Well I always wanted to go into the historical house in Bowman Park yet never had the urge to yet. For some reason it called to me like a lure or something that day, and I figured I should check out the old land maps where my land in Dell Prairie was. I mosied on in and took a look. Well it was only a few blocks from the house where I lived and I wanted to look at the map of the old town too. I noticed there was a canyon where my house was supposed to be. The old guy there tells me they filled the canyon in, and what he told me next floored me!

He says it is said that it used to be an underground railway route for runaway slaves in its day. My next thought is the ghost and the reason for her visit, that was quite clear now. There could be a few slaves talking through her to me that are still down there. I wonder if....Well, I know her name now, Mrs. Harriet Tubman herself and thats all I need to know.

She knew my soul was like hers and I could be trusted with helping her in any way I could, but who would believe? Thats what I'm trying to figure out now, I'm thinking about becoming one of those psychics that help the investigators find people who have disappeared, I just have to fine tune the info a bit.

Marre, Wisconsin, USA
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