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The 100 Year Old Young Man

Gerardo, Lima, Peru
July 2004

We have here all these incredible stories about ghosts and weird things that have occurred to some of us at some point in our life. However there are some remote places where this stuff happens almost every single day.

My name is Gerardo and I was born in Lima-Peru, although we don't have that many scary and freaky things going on in Lima (the capitol) there are some places in the mountains and the jungle where these things do happen.

My mom is from Bolivar an incredibly isolated town way way far away from any kind of technology. I remember when I was there many years ago, they didn't even have electricity. I went there with my mom to visit her town since she loves it so much. I met a guy there and his name was Emiliano. I believe he was in his 70's. This guy claimed that he had a pact with the devil and that he was going to live 100 years remaining as young as if he was 25. And sincerely he looked 25, the guy was totally full of energy and he didn't have any kind of wrinkles or anything like it, which would make him look old.

Emiliano said that he had sold his soul to the devil and that he had the power to get anything he wanted, the only condition was that the devil would take his soul and his body when he died. Emiliano really didn't care about this, he told me the only thing he wanted to do is just live for 100 years.
I didn't believe him at all, I thought he was one of those guys that had eaten healthy food all their entire life and thats how they remain so young.

Well After a couple of years I came to the US and started residing here and just last year I went back to Peru to visit my mom since she was really sick. She was in Bolivar so I had to make my way there. When I got there I found everyone in town really freaked out, so I asked my mom what was going on and she told me that Emiliano had just died and that he died at the age of 100. That really freaked me out so I asked where was the funeral was going to be?, she didn't quite know that for sure but since it's a really small town all I did was go for a walk until I found this little adobe house with very very dim candle lights inside and a couple of people smoking cigarettes outside. That was Emiliano's funeral, so I went inside and everyone was just sitting around, this old lady came up to me and asked me if I knew him and I said I did, so then she gave me a cup of fresh delicious coffee they had just harvested.

I remember his body was lying on a table covered by a blanket, and it was surrounded by candles. All of a sudden the door opened so hard that when it hit the wall it made a sound like a scream, but that wasn't it, the wind got into the room blowing up so hard making us all cold and blowing every single candle out. The wind rapidly faded away and after a few second one of the guys lit up the candles again. Once the light got bright enough to let us see through the room, we realized the body of Emiliano wasn't there anymore, only the blanket was lying on the table. People started saying: "The devil has taken is body, that was the pact they had" and I guess he wasn't lying.

Now that I look back it makes me sweat cold and start shaking.

Emiliano's body was never ever found.

Gerardo, Lima, Peru
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