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The 2nd Floor

November 2000

It was around Thanksgiving when I had my experience. I remember because I was at a party, celebrating my aunt's new addition to her family, a healthy baby boy. The party was held at a small restaurant that my aunt owned. It is on the first floor of a two story building. It was night time so we had the whole building to ourselves.

The night rolled by quickly because we were all so happy. When the party was almost over, one of my cousins, who were at the party, asked me to the restroom with him. He was afraid to go to the second floor alone (restrooms are on the second floor).

Since one my aunts owned this restaurant, she gave us a key that opened the door, which is at the top of the flight of stairs that leads to the second floor. My cousin and I walked up the stairs slowly. We felt kind of scared because the whole upper level of the building is locked up at night and completely dark. Everyone who works on the second level had already left work hours ago.

We finally reached the top of the stairwell and I pushed the key into the keyhole. When we unlocked the door we walked in quietly. The second we stepped into the door way of the 2nd floor, we saw a man with white clothes on. The man that my cousin and I saw was in his late 30's early 40's. We were both petrified and we rushed out of that area like nobody's business!

When we ran back into the room in which the party was held, we told everyone what happened. No one believed us. We were so mad. My cousin's sister, Linda, said, " Oh you bunch of wimps! Come on, I'll go upstairs with you and show you that it was just your eyes playing tricks on you." Little did she know that she was going to swallow her words later on.

Halfway back to the stairs, I told my cousins I forgot to lock that door upstairs, so even if we weren't going back through that door, we still had to lock it. We got back up to the door and tried to open it because my cousin, Linda, wanted to see for herself if what we saw was really there. When we tried to open it, it wouldn't budge-the door was locked! Again, we sprinted out of there very quickly. Although, she never saw the ghost for herself, seeing that the door was locked by someone or something was enough to tell her something didn't want us up there.

A month later we went back to that restaurant and I started a conversation with my aunt who owned the restaurant. I asked her since she worked there, did she know anything about the 2nd floor. She told me that a man used to work up there. He was in his 40's and was a doctor who worked at a pharmacy upstairs; he died 5 years ago though from cancer. This shocked me more than any news had ever shocked me in my whole entire life!

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