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The Angel Statue

Michael Hebner, Kentucky, USA
February 2001

This story might be a little short but I'll try to make it long and it is a true story.

A couple of years ago around Christmas my family and I were doing some Christmas shopping and we found this angel statue for my grandma and we bought it for her. Then a little while later about maybe a year or so she told us she could hear it talking or crying so she gave it back to us because it scared her. So we took it back and one day me, my dad, and my brother were going somewhere, my mom was taking a nap a home. Then she woke up saying she heard high pitched crying. She checked the TV but it was turned off, then she looked at the statue. Thats where it was coming from. Later that night I heard it too and it freaked me out so we decided to get rid of it be giving it to a friend.

She took it and she says she has not heard cry or anything. But one thing is for sure my family never wants that statue back.

Michael Hebner, Kentucky, USA
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