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The Apartment Ghost

January 2007

To all readers, this might be a little scary (especially to under aged viewers).
One day, my family and I bought this apartment, so we went in, and looked around. I thought that the place was a little creepy, but I thought I'd give it a chance.
That same night, my father came home from work, and he sat down on the couch to watch TV. My sister and I shared a room with bunk beds, while my brother had a room right across from our's. We were all sound asleep. Then my dad saw a little white figure that looked exactly like my brother! Then my dad said "John, go to bed", but the boy seemed to stay. "JOHN, GO TO BED!", my dad said again. The boy stayed. My dad got up, and went to the hall nervously. He saw that there was nothing there, so he went into John's room, and saw that John was SNORING!!!
My father witnessed the ghost of a little boy.

The next night my father got my mother to go in the living room and watch TV with him. He had told her about the ghost, and naturally, he wasn't believed. So he showed her.

They were sitting on the couch, when my dad saw the figure in the corner of his eyes. He told my mother to look, so she did. Obviously, she thought it was John. So she said "John, go to bed". It didn't move. Then my mother went into John's room and saw that he was sound asleep. MY MOTHER WITNESSED THE GHOST BOY TOO.

I always believed my dad when he told us these kind of stories. My dad and I are big believers of the paranormal.

One night, my sister and I went to bed and we left the door open. At around three o` clock in the morning, we heard some footsteps and laughing in the hallway, but since our door was open, we saw nothing. Half of the time, I would see shadows on the wall, and pray to god that it was mom or dad. JoHn had this toy truck up in his closet facing sideways so it wouldn't fall down. One day, we heard a big BANG in John's room. All three of us ran to mom and dad's room screaming like we were being killed. My dad went into John's room and found that the toy truck was on the ground. Freaked out, all of us ran out of the apartment and sold it. When this happened I was 5. I am 10 now, so you could say that was five years ago.

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