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The Apparitions in the Alley

Washington State, USA
February 1999

One day during the summer, I was living with my father, when my boyfriend came over. He and I wanted to take a walk, (so I could buy some cigarettes) and as we were walking down Fern Street in Lancaster California, I was telling him how much I was interested in helping ghosts to get to the other side. We turned down a very dark alley, I continued to talk to him about this, when all of a sudden, I stopped. I looked straight ahead of me and saw to my surprise, some ghost children.

They were dressed like children from the Victorian era. I started to walk faster toward them. I wanted so much to help them, I was excited, then right when I was about to come upon them, one of them stopped, and looked at me with fright in her eyes. The eight children then ran into the wooden fence, then disappeared into nowhere. I turned toward my boyfriend, and asked breathlessly, "Did you see that?" He could not understand where I was coming from, and thought me delusional, because he told me, "I think you have been thinking to much on ghosts that you have ghosts on your brain."

later, I met a man and told him about this incident. He gave me an explanation of the house. He told me that it was a house for abandoned children, and that there were eight children living there at one time, but then a fire occurred and killed everyone inside, including the children. I asked him how old these children were, and he told me they were between three and seven. So, now I know that my sighting was not a hoax, it really did happen.

Washington State, USA
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