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The Artist

Florida, USA
January 2001

My roommate, Stephanie and I lived in a two bedroom apartment. The front door is 15 small panes of glass all connected with wood (this is relevant later!). You walk in the front door and my room is on your left, the family room on your right. Walk father down the hall, the kitchen is to the left, bathroom straight ahead, Stephanie's room on the right. So when you're standing at the front door, the bathroom is directly in front of you down the hall.

About 2 months after we moved in, I started hearing someone walking around in the family room, which is right next to my room. I'd think Stephanie was up and I'd go out to talk to her, but no one was there. The lights were off and Stephanie was fast asleep in her bed. This continued for a few months before I told her about it and she said she's head the footsteps too. One night I had my little sister (she's 3) over for the night and she woke me up the middle of the night because "that man in the corner" was scaring her. I'd look, and I'd see no one.

I'd have to say the scariest experience happened about 6 months later. I was home alone, taking a shower (doors and windows locked). I got out of the shower and was walking back to my room when I noticed one of the panes of glass on the front door was fogged up. I thought that odd because why was only one pane fogged up? I thought my neighbour was messing with me, but the closer I got, I noticed it was fogged up from the inside and a symbol was drawn in the fog. The symbol was too skinny to be drawn by a human finger. I was completely freaked out, immediately erased the artwork on the door and got out of there. We moved out 2 months later.

Florida, USA
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