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The Attachment

Anonymous, ID, USA
February 2012

This situation took place about a year ago, a few of my friends and I do some amateur ghost hunting, nothing too professional though I do have some nice equipment now...

We decided to go to this one grave yard (like I said not professional extracurricular). I wouldn't call myself psychic or anything but I would say that I am "sensitive" to people and energy around me and around this time in my life I had just gotten over some serious depression issues, so further in this story you'll understand why I'm mentioning this key point. I felt that this yard had some drawing energy and you'll see why.

Anyway, we arrived at this yard and we were heading toward a tree, when to my right I noticed this figure walk by. It looked like the head and shoulders of a man. I didn't mention it at first, when my buddy asked did you see that? And that's when I realized that I definitely saw something - I asked him what he saw before I told him, and his sighting was the same as mine. "It looked like someone walked by and disappeared before the fence, only it was just the upper half of its body" he said (Creepy right?).

So we continued on and did some EVPs, nothing else seem to be going on so we left, and we decided to look over our findings later, we were really tired. Next day or so I was listing to the EVPs when I could hear what sounded like a child talking behind my friends questions, mostly generic questions, like " was that you we just saw walking through the yard?" and "is there anyone here that would like to speak to me?".

Now I can see that this child voice was intelligent because when he asked if that was that you we just saw walking through the yard, it responded "Mommy" and the creepiest thing was that you could hear me walk away from my friend and it called out "wait for me!" This was the best and most clear EVP we had ever picked up. You could imagine how stoked we were to get this so inevitably we had to return to try and pick up more. This time we brought some toys and a blanket to lure him again.

This time my recorder would stop working in the middle of my sessions but I was able to pick up another child voice. It was not the same kid though, this voice was about the same age and clarity said "the blanket" before it shut off. I had felt a tingling sensation like a tug or something grab my belt around the same time. Now I can go on about this yard forever. Lots of strange things happened that night. A pin wheel by one of the head stones would spin when no wind was blowing, then it would spin backwards when we asked it to do this action etc.

Now to the attachment... A week went by when weird things around my house started happening, I noticed a small form by my stairs here and there seem to walk by in the corner of my eye and things I place in the same spot so I don't lose them, like my keys or my phone, would end up missing or moved almost mischievously. Then it became more apparent.

I was sitting on the couch by myself one night when this almost nursery rhyme humming sound, sounded loudly in my ear, scared the crap out of me. I asked is this the child I recorded last week? Then I heard the humming again! I ran out of the room to the bathroom for some reason. Finally I nerved up and came out; I sat back down on the couch and pulled out my recorder, for some reason it kept turning itself off. So I changed the batteries and it would do it again, but I was able to record walking, like someone walking up to the recorder and then static, then it would turn off again. Strange right?

But not as strange as the feeling I got like someone was standing next to me. At one point I felt pressure on the couch like someone sat down next to me. It was pretty scary but I guess I got what any ghost hunter wants. A few other incidences happened after that, a fan would turn on by itself and I would notice someone walk down the stairs here and there, well enough to call out to it when nobody was home but me. It all seemed to stop though, I guess I just started to ignore it, and it stopped all together.

I never got a negative vibe from it, just seemed like it was saying hi or something, maybe it drew energy from my depressive state? Who knows...

Anonymous, ID, USA
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