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The Attic Steps

Cyndi Rhule, Kentucky, USA
January 1999

My grandmother and grandfather had just bought a new house, for some reason my grandmother did not feel comfortable in this house but she figured that it would just take a while to get used to.

Well one thing my grandmother loved was a pretty bathroom, so every house they looked at had to have a pretty bathroom. There was one house that caught her eye. One of the reasons it caught her eye was the bathroom, it was a real pretty bathroom with marble sink counters and peach enameled bathtub and toilet. The tile was white with little peach seashells in each corner of the tiles. There was one thing that was odd about the bathroom, though, the attic steps were in the bathroom. They were like the attic steps that you pull down, but these were permanent and they didn't go back up into the attic. Well everytime my grandmother would take a bath she would see the attic door open, then close and the attic steps would shake (like there was something going down the steps),then it would stop, then they would start shaking again (like there was something going up the steps), then the attic door would open and close again! This would happen everytime my grandmother took a bath. So my grandmother and grandfather went to the realtor and she wouldn't tell them anything, so they went to the library to look up old newspapers. Well it turns out that a sixteen-year-old girl hung herself in the attic of that house!

Cyndi Rhule, Kentucky, USA
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