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The Auditorium

California, USA
September 2000

Growing up I never really believed all those stupid stories, you know which ones I'm talking about, the haunted house ones or the ones where someone swears that they hear noises in houses or they see spooky images or stuff like that. It was all bull to me.

I currently attend Franklin High School. I'm the 11th grade. The school's a good 80 or so years old, so there are alot of stories that circulate around. One that really caught my attention was one about a girl who was madly in love with a football player, she summed up the courage to ask him to the prom, they went, it was the happiest day of her life.At the dance he left her alone and went to dance with another girl, this broke the girls heart and she killed herself because of this, leaping to her gruesome death off the top of the auditorium. I never really paid much attention to this story.

One day after school I saw some friends of mine walking into the auditorium carrying some large stereo equipment. I helped them out and brought some stuff in for them. We went down into the basement, that's where my story starts.

I was left in the basement hooking up wires and stuff like that while they ran to get some burgers from McDonalds. I heard someone whisper my name and I turned around, no one was there, so I went back to work. Again I heard the whisper, I turned around to see a girl standing there. "Hi" I said, in a sweet voice (The girl was pretty!). She asked me if I was there alone, I said yah, she told me that she had been down there helping out with the lights for the show the following week. She then told me that she wanted to go back upstairs but she was scared because the lights were off on the staircase that leads to the top. I told her that I would walk her up, we started around the long corridor to my surprise the lights were off. "That's funny" I told her, "I could of sworn I left these lights on" We continued walking and I felt the girl grab my hand she held it all the way up the stairs when we reached the top I told her to hold on because I was gonna unlatch the door, so I told her to stand aside. When I opened the door and turned around she wasn't there anymore!! I turned the corner, no one!
I was terrified at that time, I grabbed my back pack and took off running! I didn't stop running until I reached my house.

My friends told me that there was no way there could of been anyone down there because the door was securely locked. To this day I'm still scared and confused.

Sometimes when we go to assemblies I hesitate to go in because I know that that girl is probably still down there waiting for some other person to scare

California, USA
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