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The Baby Walker

Bernadeth Sanchez, Philippines
January 2012

Last December 17, 2011 at exactly 12 midnight, while most people(including us) were deeply asleep, our city was hit by a flash flood due to typhoon Washi. It all caught us by surprise and many perished. Many were not able to get out of their houses, since that night there was a total black out in the city.

I have an officemate whose house was also badly damaged by the flood. Near their lot where their house stood lived about five families. One of these families lost a four year old child.

Since my friend's family returned to their house they experienced many unusual events, one of these is her nephew's walker. The walker is equipped with a sound device which will not produce any sound unless the button is pressed. At night a sound from the walker can be loudly heard and their dogs would bark at it.

They once called a priest (they're devoted Catholics) to have their house blessed, the priest commented that somebody just tugged on his sleeves even though no one was near him and that it was so humid that day.

The mother of the child visited them and told them that the boy appeared on her dream telling her that his body is buried in my friends lot. Till now they still haven't seen the body and the walker still makes sound at night.

Bernadeth Sanchez, Philippines
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