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The Backwoods Ghost

Emily, Alabama, USA
March 2000

This experience happened to me about 7 months ago.

I was at my boyfriends house, and he had alot of friends over, and we were all partying. A bunch of his friends and some of mine had gone out into the woods. Three couples had come back saying that they had heard something in the woods. Of course all of my other buds thought that they were just drunk from drinking. They finally convinced us to go out there and look with them.

We went out to the woods for about 20 minutes and didn't see anything. So my boyfriend and I walked back to his house without the other friends. We started talking about school, and what he was going to do after he graduated this year. As we were talking, we passed by a tree, and he told me the story behind it.

In the 1960's his uncle and one of his hunting buddies went out into the woods to go shoot some deer. My boyfriend's uncle went his way, and his friend went another way. They had left to go hunting around evening time, so by the time they got out there to the woods it was dark. His uncle's friend starting climbing the tree to put the deer stand up. He slipped, and came crashing to the ground, soon after the tree stand came tumbling down, and accidently decapitated him. My boyfriend's uncle had heard the man scream when he fell, so he ran over there to him. He found the man's head about 6 feet away from the body.

Soon after he had told me the story we had started walking off and when we got about 30 feet away from the tree, we heard what sounded like someone, rushing up a tree with a deer stand. After approximately 10 seconds we heard what sounded like something hitting the ground, and while it was falling, it sounded like the thing was screaming. After the screaming we heard a loud crash. Needless to say my boyfriend and I started running for the house.

We never went back into the woods that night to see what had fallen...and we still haven't!!!!! To this very day I believe that it was the man's ghost reacting to the story.

Emily, Alabama, USA
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