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The Bad Thing In The Boot Room

Shaun Hartley, Suffolk, UK
May 2002

I have had a couple of experiences in the paranormal over my 35 years and here is one of them which I hope you find interesting.

I left school at 16 in 1983 and started working in a gentlemans outfitters which specialised in up market country clothing - Barber jackets/Hunter wellington brigade type of people store, (toffs to you and me).

This shop had been family owned and run from the 1920s and was at least 200 years old. It was four stories high including a cellar and was made up of many small rooms which were all piled high with the various stocks of clothes. Because of this each room was made up of dark narrow winding corridors going far back into the rear of the shop lit only by feeble strip lighting. In the summer time the rooms were okay to work in but come the winter months you didn't tend to hang around searching for stock for very long. Coupled with this was the habit the building had of emitting a slow moaning whenever the wind increased.

Every Saturday I had to take a stock of the boots and shoes within the top most room of this shop and one day while I was doing this I started feeling as though someone or something was standing in the corner of the room and I received such a shot of malevolence emanating from this particular spot - only twice in my life have a felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight - the first being when a dog had me cornered and went for me - the second was in this room. This feeling of powerful malevolence started getting worse, almost suffocating - I inched out of the room and ran hell for leather down the stairs.

I didn't mention this episode to my work mates because I thought they would laugh at me - I left the shop for another job soon after.

I never forgot the episode and using the Internet a couple of weeks ago found out some information on the shop which shocked me and why I have decided to tell my tale.

I found out the building actually was a pub before becoming a shop which was called the Alexandria. At the turn of the century the landlord's daughter was murdered by her lover in her bedroom in the pub, (the murderer was later hanged for his crime). There was a foot note to this information - apparently the shop had to be exorcised in the 1950s due to poltergeist activity. Whether I was picking up the vibes of this I don't know - but hand on my heart this is true.

Thanks for reading this, Shaun

Shaun Hartley, Suffolk, UK
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