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The Banker

Annabella Salvatore, BC, Canada
April 2010

When my family moved to the same city as my grandma and grandpa we moved in the house with them. I tend to be sensitive to the spirits around me and after a while I started to get the distinct feeling there was a spirit in the house. Some time after that I was getting a picture of who the spirit was. It seemed he was about a mid-thirties man wearing an old professional suit like an early 1900's man, like a banker would wear. Even now this doesn't make sense as the house was built in the 1970's. I never really researched the land though. Anyhow on with the story.

I was in my bedroom lying down in bed and the lamp was right beside me. Now let me tell you something first. The lamp I owned had a lampshade and you could either have a full on light or a pink toned down kind of light. At that moment it was on pink toned down. As I was laying there, all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow dart across. It was so fast I thought I might have imagined it but no. It looked almost like a rat shadow. My bed was quite high and the lamp was on a nightstand so no way could it have gotten there. Besides that we never had a rat problem.

Over a period of time quite a few other things happened. One night I was in bed talking with my mother when we saw something that made us freeze. First I have to say about the curtains - I have a balcony in my room and the curtains for them are the big fabric strip things that have metal at the bottom to keep them down. Anyway so here we were talking and all of a sudden my mother freezes and tells me to turn around (my back was turned to the balcony). I ask why and she tells me just to do it. I do and all I see is one of the curtain strips twisting back and forth. That scared the crap out of me. I looked around for our cat to see if she had maybe done it but she was nowhere in sight. The balcony door I must add was firmly closed and it was not a windy night. We sat there frozen in fear until the thing stopped. That was not all.

I had a dollhouse with a bunch of lights you turned on with a button. Never had it acted up and the batteries were dying. I didn't use the lights much because the button was so hard to push and sometimes it wouldn't work. Anyway often at night (and only at night) even though I had the light on, the lights for the dollhouse would start to turn on and flicker like someone had pushed the button even though I was on the other side of the room or on my bed.

Eventually I grew used to it. Whenever we took pictures near or in the house you would always see lots of orbs everywhere. Now we have moved out and the house stays unoccupied for a while. Sometimes though when I visit I feel a chill in my bedroom.

Anyway thanks for reading my very long story.

Annabella Salvatore, BC, Canada
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