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The Barn Spirit

John, IA, USA
October 2017

In the summer of 1976 I was 15 yrs. old was the oldest of my mothers five children living at home. At that time my Mother was single, our step Father of 9 years parted ways. We were living in eastern Kentucky where my mom met another guy and we all moved into an old white two story house that only had electric as a utility, no plumbing with just a fireplace for heat, lucky for us it was Summer.

The house was very creepy, once we settled in after about a week me and my three younger brothers took the upstairs, there was two large bedrooms with walk in closets.

One evening my brother James was upstairs by himself when he begin to scream like he was being stabbed, he came running and falling down the stairs, by that time he was crying hysterical. My mother's new boyfriend Jerry jump up to calm James down, if took a while. Then James who stuttered and a very skinny kid said something pulled his blanket off him and grab his hair and shook him nearly unconscious. Mom said he was having a bad dream like most adults do. Nobody slept upstairs that night.

The next night Me and Jerry decided to send our Dog upstairs to check it out, Prince was a Mutt with a lot of shepherd in him an adult dog that didn't frighten easily, he ran upstairs and was only there for minute or less then he ran back down the stairs with his tail between his hind legs and crouched down whimpering like he was in pain. That scared all of us nearly to death. So by then we were all in the master bedroom sleeping, after a few nights I decided to sleep upstairs, everyone laughed and said I couldn't do it.

When it came time for bed I headed upstairs I remembered what James said, so I tucked the blanket under me and over my head, it wasn't long before I heard some kind of low growl noise and heavy breathing just above my head. I didn't dare move as I felt my blanket getting pulled but I had it tight and not about to get up I didn't want to see, it was bad enough listening and with all the chills and hair standing on end.

When I awoke in the morning and was downstairs early. My Mother and Jerry acted like it was no big deal I slept upstairs. Later that day I decided to steal a cigarette from my mom and I headed to the barn, it was down a very over grown path, the old barn was barely standing. I walked in and began to feel creeped out but lit my smoke I had my back against the inside so I was in the barn about 10 feet or so looking out the old barn doors. That's when I heard a voice that sounded a lot like the growling voice from the bedroom. It sounded like it was coming from the top of the barn in the corner, it was daylight so I could see very well, I swear this is true the voice said, "So you think you're something, don't you?"

I felt the chills and the hair rise up on the back of my neck with my eyes watering I had to turn and look I saw a winged large muscular figure of some kind of being it blended in with the old reddish brown barn color. When we met eyes it left its perch with one leap and a flap I began to run as fast as my 15 yr. old legs could make me I could feel it getting closer to me as I got closer to the house for a second I thought it was going to pick me up, but I yelled for my mother and jumped on the back porch as the flying demon thing swooped up. I was still alive!!

After I told the family what I experienced we decided to move and did so very fast. A few years later the house burned to the ground. I'm a 55 year old man and still can't shake the terror when I think about it. I still visit the area from time to time and drive by the property the house once was, all that's left is part of an old chimney the barn is gone too. I hope the demon went back where it came from.

John, IA, USA
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