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The Basement

Koukla Castro, Texas, USA
September 1999

This happened to me fairly recently , so it's pretty fresh in mind. I have posted here before so I figured I must as well share it with you.

A couple of days ago I was driving downtown, where I work as counselor at a high school, when I heard a giggle coming form the back seat of my car. I turned around, but was relieved to find nobody was there. I figured it was just my imagination. When I got to the school it was around 7:30 in the morning. I went into my office and found that all the pictures I had on my walls were tilted to the right, all the things in my desk were re- arranged to the right. I immediately thought it was one of the students I had been talking to in the past few weeks playing a practical joke on me. I made nothing of it.

hat particular day a group of students was visiting for some sort of contest and they had to be led to the basement were the locker rooms and the rehearsal rooms are. I was down there to make sure that they behaved and got to there contest on time. An hour after they arrived I went into the halls of the basement to make sure everybody had left when I found a student looking for the bathrooms. She was already late and the bathrooms in the locker room had been locked. So I remembered that there was another bathroom further down the hall in a very dark part of the basement, to get to the bathrooms you have to go down a metal staircase and on the other side is another staircase leading up to a locked door. Just as she went into the bathroom and locked the door I heard a giggle come form underneath the stairs. At first I thought it was my imagination but then I saw a little girl no older than 6 years of age come out form under the stairs.

She was a very normal girl and she didn't look strange in any way. I was a little surprised that she was down there. I thought she was probably the daughter of a teacher or a janitor. She started talking to me, she said I had nice shoes and that I was pretty. The next thing she told me was the part that scared me, she said that there was something behind the locked door. I asked what it was and, she said go see for yourself. I know it sounds a little bit odd to be scared of a 6 year old girl but I didn't think it was normal for her to be down there.

The door behind me started to move and the student that I had taken to the bathroom turned as white as a sheet when she saw the little girl. She then stood behind me and started tugging at my jacket and asking if we could leave. I told her to wait and the little girl said to take the girl upstairs and then come back to see what was behind the door. I started to go, but first I asked her if she would come with us, she said no. I thought her mom or dad would get mad if she moved form that spot. I took the girl up the flight of stairs, and she started running down the hall and up the stairs for the lobby. I turned around and the little girl had disappeared. I looked down the flight of stairs and , she wasn't there. I looked at the bathroom but I had locked it. Without thinking of what else to do I ran down the corridor and up the stairs to the lobby.

That's were I found the student I had taken to the lobby scared as hell and saying Oh my God over and over gain. The poor thing was hysterical so I took her into my office, only to find everything in my office was know re-arranged on the left side. This made me panic even more and I got on the phone to call my boyfriend, Bryan, who works on the other side of town to get over here, he protested but he came.

When he got there we went down into the basement, to the stairs in the the bathroom and nothing was there. We got a janitor to take the door, the one there was something behind, off it's hinges.

What was there? Nothing, there was a brick wall. Nobody remembers what was there or the little girl.

Another odd thing about it was that the next day that I went back into my office, everything was re- arranged to the right.

Koukla Castro, Texas, USA
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