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The Basement Experience

John, AK, USA
September 2007

These experiences I have had come from when I would stay the night over at my Grandma's house.
I was about 13 when it first happened. I would always stay downstairs in the basement because of the pool table and I would be able to have some friends come in through the basement doors and stuff like that.
Well this one night I was going to bed tired from a day of mowing the grass. I went to my room downstairs and I hear pool balls hitting each other as if someone had just broke. So I got up to check and see who was there thinking one of my buddies was over. There was nothing there I quickly dismissed it as me being so tired that it was all in my head.

I decided to go lay down when I felt a hard pull on my leg that literally jerked me out of bed. I got off the floor and raced upstairs to get a knife from the kitchen. I was sure it was one of my friends and checked downstairs but the doors were locked and there was no way in the house because all the doors were locked.
I ended up sleeping upstairs on the couch and didn't hear anything else the whole night.

About 5 months later a few friends and I were playing baseball and I asked one of them Mike if he wanted to stay over and play some pool and just hang out for the night. So he came over and we played pool for a while. When we finally decided to go to be I told him he could have the bed I would sleep on the couch downstairs. I hadn't told him about what had happened and about 3 hours later he woke me up asking why I was playing pool and sluggishly I told him I wasn't playing pool and he was having a dream. Then I remembered the first night it happened to me. I told him to go to sleep and he headed back into the bedroom. Maybe 15 minutes later he ran out of the room screaming that something had grabbed him. I was in a little bit of shock since he described it the same way it had happened to me.

Since then I haven't had any problems my grandmother does not own that house any more but there is always the memory of the house and that basement.

John, AK, USA
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