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The Bathroom Ghost

Clark Carroll, Louisiana, USA
March 2006

Saturday night (3/04/06) my wife and I were awakened at 4:40 a.m. by the sound of the toilet seat in our bathroom slamming down on the toilet. We are both light sleepers and woke up at once. I knew in the pit of my stomach that our 'visitor' was back. The reason I say I knew is that I'm conditioned. Like Pavlov's dog (google that in case you don't know) I never, ever leave the toilet seat up. Some guys living with females may know what I'm talking about. I live with a wife and two daughters. So I'm very aware of what happens when the seat gets left up. For background on the history of our 'visitor', see "It Follows Us" in the June 2001 archives.

Things have been very quiet for a long time. That is until Saturday night.

So when the seat slammed down, I knew at once that this was out of the ordinary and shouldn't have happened. I crept out of bed and slowly walked into the bathroom to see what if anything was amiss. In the dark room, I could see the toilet seat was down as usual. Nothing was out of place although the hairs on my neck were standing up. I went back to bed telling my wife how weird that was and that I knew the seat was down, that I never leave it up, blah, blah. As I was climbing back into bed I heard my wife gasp in horror and saw her clasp her hands to her face.

Needless to say that got my adrenaline pumping. I asked "What happened...What'd you just see?" She couldn't say anything for several seconds. Finally, in a terrified voice, she told me she saw something white, about a foot wide, and only as tall as the bathroom cabinets kind of glide into the open doorway in our bathroom. It was visible for maybe 3 seconds, but long enough to make sure it was seen. If you look into our bathroom from the bedroom, the toilet/bathtub area is out of sight in a little room to the right, directly through the doorway is the cabinets/lavatories, to the left out of sight is the closet.

It slowed down as if it wanted her to see it. When she gasped, it moved on out of sight toward our closet. At that point, I jumped out of bed (again) and ran into the bathroom to look around for an intruder/spook but nothing was out of place.

Whatever it was, it wanted to wake us up first by slamming the toilet seat. I guess it's no fun for an entity to walk around scaring people if no one's awake to watch! I only wish I had looked toward the bathroom instead of watching my wife's reaction. I may have seen it also!

Clark Carroll, Louisiana, USA
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