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The Bear Lady

September 2002

It seems like my family either attracts ghosts, or just has bad luck when picking out houses, but I suppose I can't say that now since we haven't had any strange experiences, (besides my glasses disappearing and reappearing a few days later in an impossible place a month after my Grandfather died) since we moved away from our house on Albin street.

It was the first house I ever knew, and I loved it more than anything. I remember staring blankly out the back window of our car as we drove away from it when I was eight. There was just one part of the house that I didn't like though. It was all the voices.

Our house had three stories, and it seemed, three ghosts.

The first one was in the basement. At the time, we thought he was a practical joker but now I think he may have just not realized he was dead and thought he still lived there.

My Grandfather's tools kept being moved around and I can remember many times someone would go down to do the laundry and when they were in the middle of the basement, the lights would turn off. This is pretty unlikely since the light switch was downstairs in the basement and no one would be near it at the time. The second ghost we didn't hear very often, but he was in the first floor.

Personally, he was my favorite since he never really did anything scary. I only remember hearing him once, but very distinctly.

I was sitting on the couch when suddenly, from right next to me, well I should say right above me, I heard a man say "hello". Being a six year old and not having anyone in the room with me, this scared me enough to run to my mom in the kitchen. That was the only time I heard from him, though.

The last ghost was the problem. I called her the Bear Lady, because she was so big.

She lived on the third floor, but more specifically, my room. I remember I hated sleeping there. I would always run down and sleep in my parents bed at night, and I couldn't stand to have the lights off, even for a second. Some nights I wouldn't even go near the room.

I remember she would wake me up at night. I'd suddenly wake up without knowing why, but with the distinct impression someone had just yelled in my ear. She even did that when I was awake occasionally. I'd be falling asleep and then "BOO!" right in my ear. Honestly, I'm not making this up as weird as it sounds.

When I was a baby and my mother brought me up there to put me in my crib, she remembered hearing a voice in her head saying "it's okay, you can leave her. Leave her." and that's when she ran out of the room. But the worst part was when she got to the edge of the staircase.

It was very steep and I'd almost fallen down it a few times when I was younger. But right then she stopped because she felt something behind her and said out loud, "don't you dare push me down" then she slowly walked down gripping the railing. that story always scares me. My grandmother saw her once too, she walked out of my room and stood in front of theirs looking in. We moved out of the house and I hadn't thought of it in a long time, but a couple weeks ago, my mom, my aunt, my grandmother and I were talking about ghosts and she mentioned the bear lady. Then she said that a lady had died in that house, in fact, in the my room! I got a little upset since I'd never even been told this before, so now I'm telling you my story.

There are billions of others that my family has. This is just mine. I still have trouble sleeping without a light on though.

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