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The Bed

Cathy, Hawaii, USA
July 1998

Well, I thought this was a cool story. It happened to a good friend of mine.

My friend was single at the time and was renting an apartment. She didn't have much money and she was in need of a new bed. One day, as she went shopping, she decided to stop by the used furniture store to see if they had any beds that would interest her.

She found a beautiful bed there (it was a futon type since this was in Japan) made of very dense cherry wood and looked expensive. The store keeper told her that since she was a pretty young lady, he'd lower the price to about 100 thousand yen. Joyfully, she bought the bed which was a king size bed.

The first night was peaceful. The second night, she said she felt something caressing her leg. She said for some reason she wasn't afraid and said "cut it out, I'm trying to sleep!!" and it left her alone.

She told me that when she invited one of her girlfriends over (she was testing to see if it would happen to her) it did the same thing. It took the covers off and caressed her legs, and left my friend alone! Once, she had a party at her apartment and some guy got drunk. He was let in to the bedroom to sleep it off. Minutes later, he ran out screaming and sober and said that someone slapped him and the mattress dropped to the floor with him in it. At another incident, her brother was spending a night and they slept in the same big bed. She said that all of the sudden, in the middle of the night, the mattress fell to the floor...only on the brother's side. At that point she got mad and had the store take back the bed, saying that they knowingly sold her a haunted bed. The guy said he was sorry and had a hard time selling that bed because for some reason, some ghost is connected to it...that they think is a male... since it likes girls and hates guys.

Cathy, Hawaii, USA
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