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The Bedroom & Other Tales

January 2003

Hello to all. I have been following the stories on this site for quite some time and I have decided to submit my own. These experiences did not happen to me, however, they really freaked me out.

I know what you're thinking. 'It's probably one of those this-happened-to-a-friend-of-mine stories.' But I must say, it isn't. This was told to me from two of my aunts. They wouldn't lie to me because, well, they're nuns. Being a nun, you may move from convent to convent. They have been housed in many places tormented by spirits, and they shared thier experiences with me.

*The Bedroom*

One of the places where they worked, was a home for the elderly. One of the rooms in that place housed an old woman who had recently died.

There was word going around that the spirit was restless, for if you slept in that very bed, the mattress would curl up, and, as if it were alive, seem to perform the act of suffocating the sleeper. The local priest heard of this and held a small ceremony (I don't know what it's called) to put the angry spirit to rest.

As far as my aunts know, the room was later made into a laundry room until the place was tore down. From what they said, the room was still somewhat in the presence of the spirit, for they would hear strange noises and some supernatural activity still would take place.


One of the two nuns is currently a principal of a Catholic school. At one of the schools she worked at, she never stayed in the halls after dark. One day she stayed later with one of the teachers who always stayed after. He told her that a spirit the staff named "Tyrone" would flicker lights in the hallways. After she heard that, she got out of there as fast as possible.

*The Door*

When my aunts were little girls, they were cooking with thier mother (my grandmother) in the kitchen. All of a sudden, the door to the outside swung open. Of course, the first thing they suspected was their tricky brother. But when their father came in from the barn, he had their brother at his side. My grandmother asked him if he had left his side and grandpa said "No." "Someone must have died and gave us a sign." Grandmother said. A few minutes later, they got a call saying thier neighbor had just died.

Thank you for reading!!! I highly appreciate it. :-}

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