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The Bedroom Closet

Kati Vogel, TX, USA
April 2001

I have alot of strange occurrences happen in my 15 years but the one I remember the most is one particular event that took place several years ago when I was about 8 years old.

One evening I had a strange feeling about sleeping in my bedroom alone so I asked my mom if she would sleep with me. I soon fell asleep and woke to see a woman that looked like my mom standing over me and she said " let's go sleep in the closet" so I got up out of my bed and felt as if I was being lifted into the closet and I laid down on a blanket that was on the floor and my "mom" laid down next to me. Then I snapped out of it and tried waking my "mom" up but nothing happened to the lump under the blanket when I was shaking it and screaming "mom"... then I saw my mom run in from her room and that's when it hit me that this "thing" was not my mom and I was in fact in the closet, lured in by some supernatural being.

I can remember that when I was being carried into the closet there was a warm green light surrounding us.

I've had a few other things happen to me :
On one occasion I had a friend spend the night and I was sleeping on my bed and my friend was on a cot next to me, all of a sudden I woke to see a little girl sitting on the edge of my bed. She was a grayish-bluish colour with black hair and was wearing an old fashioned dress. I sat there for about 5 minutes just watching it then went back to sleep. I told my friend in the morning and she totally freaked out (I was pretty used to ghosts being in the house).

Another time I was sitting at the computer while also trying to watch the TV which is in the other room so as I was looking at the computer I saw a tall man dressed all in black walk across my living room. This was the only time I was truly scared by a ghost.

My friend has also witnessed some supernatural activity (she was skeptical about ghosts until she spent the night!). She was on the computer when she heard someone say " Sarah" so she ran into the living room to tell what happened and to this day she will not enter my computer room.

Recently I've been getting scratches that appear from nowhere and on a couple of occasions I sat and watched them appear and about that time they started appearing I was witnessing more activity than usual. I still hear footsteps in the hallways and things bumping into the walls but I've grown accustomed to the noises... I think they are good ghosts because I've lived here for about 10 or 11 years and they haven't hurt me yet (except for the scratches)!

Kati Vogel, TX, USA
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