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The Bell Ringer

Martin Andrew Sandhage, Indiana, USA
September 1997

When I was quite young I lived with my family in a haunted flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. The place dated from the sixteenth century and stood quite near the famous Royal Mile. Everyone knew it was haunted, including my mother. I can remember her talking loudly to our "house guests" one evening in the front hall. She said, "it's perfectly alright your being here, but please do not frighten the children. Thank you." The two spirits were an old man and a little girl. I saw the child, in fact, descending the stairs once, but didn't know she was a ghost until much later. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon our doorbell began to ring rather insistently. When we went to answer there was no one there. After this had happened several times, my mum put in a service call, but naturally on the weekend there were no electricians available and we would have to wait until the first of the week. The bell rang intermittently through that day and the next. Finally on Monday, the serviceman arrived. He pulled away the molding by the door to disconnect the wires. And discovered they were already disconnected. There really was no way for the door bell to ring. We moved shortly thereafter...

Martin Andrew Sandhage, Indiana, USA
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