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The Big House

Ginger, NJ, USA
February 2002

Hi. My name is Ginger and about 4 years ago I had a paranormal experience that I would like to relate to you.

My fiance was a salesman for a waterproofing company and would go out to potential client's houses to assess their problems and what method of treatment would be best for them. Their main system was one that basically was a trench dug around the walls of the basement with a sump pump. I would go with him on some of these trips on my days off.

I went with him one sunny summer day to an old house in upstate New York. The house sat on about 2 acres of wooded land, and looked almost like an old southern plantation home. An older woman lived alone in it and invited us to sit in the kitchen while she finished a phone call. We walked through the front entrance hall straight back to the back of the house where the kitchen was. She had no air conditioning and had all the lights turned off to keep the heat out (it really wasn't that hot, a nice breeze was blowing through the trees and through the open windows), and there were lots of books and papers piled up along the hallways. It gave the impression of an old run down house, even though someone lived there.

The lady took us down to the basement, which you could only reach from outside and we walked around looking at the water damage. It was broken up into 4 rooms and when we entered one of the rooms I got the distinct feeling that someone had died in the room. It wasn't a scary feeling, but there was a "stuffy" feeling and it felt as if someone was watching us. We moved to another room and I did not want to go in there at all. Something just made my skin tingle, not in a good way, and I didn't feel good about entering the room. When we were done, the lady took us back upstairs and my fiance gave her his sales spiel in the kitchen. She left us alone for a few minutes and I told him about the feelings I had gotten in the basement. When she came back he asked her if anyone had died down there (to my embarrassment), and she said her dad had had a heart attack and died in the first room that I had felt something in. She said she didn't know anything about the second room, but that a murder had supposedly taken place in the house around the turn of the century. Maybe it had taken place in that room.

I have never had any psychic or paranormal experiences since then.

Thank you for reading!

Ginger, NJ, USA
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