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The Big Movie Theatre

Elaina, PA, USA
October 2000

I entitled this "the big movie theatre" because I don't want to say the theatre's real name, although its one of the oldest theatres in downtown Philadelphia, and in it has the biggest screen in the city.

Most people refer to it as the "Big Movie Theatre" which is well known by city residents to have had a murder take place in its basement bathroom area.
That being said I will get on with my story.

This happened to me about 10 years ago when I was 12. I can't remember the movie we went to see but as most 12 year olds I couldn't hold off going to the bathroom until the end of the movie. I had to go really bad. The women's and men's rooms have separate staircases. The long, wide, and winding kind that lead through two large rooms with what I have always assumed were service closets with large mirrored doors. Red walls and red carpets.

I have to admit I always thought it was creepy down there, but when you gotta go you gotta go.

So I took off moving down the stairs really fast, through the first of two rooms when I felt all the hairs stand up on my back. I stopped in the middle of the room. I swear I heard muffled whimpers and feet scuffling across the tile floor. Then it sounded like something went thud on the floor, I just stood there frozen when it felt like someone ran right by me. No sound, but vibrations on the floor right past me. I breathed heavy and I realized someone was behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my mom. She said I'd been gone for 15 minutes. She was pale white and she couldn't take her eyes off the bathroom door. She looked down at me, and told me it was ok to go in, this had happened to her once too. I went in the bathroom and nothing was unusual.

After that I whenever I go to that theatre I make my way down about 5 blocks and use the bathroom at Liberty Place. A shopping center in the business district.

Philadelphia is an old city. With more history than any other place I have lived. And I must say there is alot more to it than the tourist side.

Elaina, PA, USA
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