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The Blonde Guy

Laura, North Island, New Zealand
November 2006

It first happened when I was fifteen. Mum and I moved into an old house, over 100 years old, in Helensville, just outside of Auckland. I took the room that had French doors that went out onto a little deck. I loved that room, heaps of sun, happy feelings. It was mum's room that was a problem. It was always cold. She thought it was because it was painted blue. Until she had the gas heater on in the room and the windows and doors closed for an hour, and it still didn't warm up.The animals didn't go in there very often. I knew it was haunted though.

Once when I was sick I saw a person that was dressed as a nurse come into my room. I fell asleep and woke up feeling better. My mum would use my room as well when she was sick and get the same feeling. I was at school, and she was taking a nap and heard our landlord and another person come up the driveway to the door and knock. She went to get up, and heard a rushing noise in her ears, and couldn't move or open her eyes. She was aware of everything going on around her but could not do anything. Eventually they went away and she was able to wake up. She told me about it when I got home. We blamed her anti- depressants. But she always said there was a negative feeling in that room.
When I was 16 I had an operation to remove a birthmark that had turned cancerous. They used the sleeping gas on me, and that's why the first time it happened I put it down to that. I was staying in my mum's room, because she had a higher bed than mine at the time, and I couldn't bend my leg for fear I'd rip the stitches. I was laying there when I felt someone straddle me and lean in real close. I went to open my eyes, but it felt like someone's fingers were holding my eyelids down. I screamed "Go away!" in what I thought was my mind, but it woke mum up and she came in to check on me and I told her what had happened. We both decided it must have been the after affects of the sleeping gas. Anyway, the next night it got stranger. I felt someone on the bed with me, lying next to me, rubbing my leg where the stitches were. It was a very angry presence, but it had a very soft caress. I was still scared though and opened my eyes in time to see a young blonde man smiling down at me. I knew it wasn't the affects of the gas that time, and told my mum.
I put up with it for about a week, then mum took her room back. And she was violently attacked by someone. She didn't give me the full details and still won't give me full details, all she said was that whoever or whatever was in that room didn't like her in there.
We moved out a few weeks later. Mum had started sleeping in the lounge. We packed up all our stuff and mum's room was completely empty. I remember going in there and saying good-bye. I heard "See you, Laura" whispered in my ear and left.
I felt so sad leaving the house. I went back to Helensville only once after that and when I left, again I felt deep sadness, when I thought about the person in the house. I never did find out anything about him . . . or the house.

Laura, North Island, New Zealand
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