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The Blue Girl

Autumn, NC, USA
August 2004

Ihave been reading stories on this website for a long time now and finally decided that I should tell people of my own experience.

I am now 20 years old and this happened to me when I was almost 3. Although I realize that most people do not remember anything that happened to them as a toddler, I remember this as if it happened yesterday.

I lived with my mother, stepfather, and baby sister in a small house. My mother has always been able to sense spirits and even see them from time to time. I suppose that is where I got it from because I have heard that it does have something to do with genetics. Anyways on with the story....

I slept in the same room with my sister and I can remember every night when we would go to bed I would wake up and see a small girl floating at the end of my bed. I still remember to this day what she looked like and that I was terrified of her. I was able to see through the little girl but for some reason she had a blue color. It was like a blue light almost but in the shape of a small girl with a flowing gown on. I do not think that it could have been a nightmare because it happened every night.

Each night she would come to me and ask me to go with her. I was so scared of her and would put the blanket over my head until I fell asleep. For some reason though I did not tell my mother about her right away, the first person I told was my grandmother who is a very religious person. She immediately told my mother and they thought that it was best to take me to church and have me prayed for. At such a young age I had no idea what being "saved" was but I suppose I was because I asked Jesus to come into my heart. The little girl went away and has never came back.

Later in years I remembered her and asked my mother about her, which is when she told me that she also has the ability to see spirits and that she saw many things in that house. I do not know if I had repressed these memories or not but I also remember sometimes at night when I would sleep against the wall, I would get really hot and wake up. The wall would be bright red as if it was on fire and flames would be coming up....almost like a painting. I know this seems crazy but I believe that something in that house was very evil.

We moved about a year later and the last time I saw a spirit was when I was about 12 years old in a different house.

Now I do not see spirits anymore and I do not know if I want to or not but I would like to know what could make something like that just go away. I do sense things and often times I am uncomfortable when left alone.

If anyone knows anything about what it was I saw or what made the little girl want me to come with her please contact me.

Autumn, NC, USA
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