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The Blue Light (1)

Tara, Texas, USA
April 2000

A few years ago, when I lived in England, i went on a field trip to Scotland for a few weeks. The school band went (not big, and we ended up playing on a street corner, but that's another story..), including my friends and some others, and one night we went on a ghost walk through Edinburgh.

The walk was led by some guy dressed like a ghost, I expected it to be really stupid, considering it was related to school, and I thought they'd just make up most of the stuff.

I was very wrong.

I don't remember much of the beginning of the walk, except that it was dark, my legs were tired, and i was bored out of my mind, until we came to the infamous Mary King's Close, pretty well known for it's hauntings... Our first stop there was under an archway, where the guide told us another story.

It seems a long time ago, early 1900s, something like that, someone was killed under the archway we stood beneath. A guard had been standing nearby and witnessed the event, I believe the person was murdered, but my mind had been drifting at the time and my memory isn't the greatest, so I'm not exactly sure. He said the light bulb burst at the moment of the person's death. Anyway, he went on to inform us that on occasion, people had witnessed the bulb glowing bright blue, and felt cold air in the area. I spent the time staring up at it, expecting it to turn on through some guy hiding in a building nearby controlling it. Nothing happened, we went across the street, where he showed us what they used to do to people (i.e. torture for stealing/whatnot) by using some 'volunteers'. They went up to the fountain/statue/thing, made a big show of everything including lots of noise, and I tried to forget about the light, but it was just sitting at the back of my mind...

Continuously throughout the show, I remember glancing over my shoulder, not really expecting to see anything, but somehow urged to look.

And then I saw it! It was bright blue, just as the guy had said. I stood for a few moments, back turned to the group, gaping at it. Sure it would disappear within a few moments, I hurriedly tapped my friend Kate on the shoulder, pointing it out to her, and she even saw it too! At that moment, it seemed especially cold (as in most ghost stories:)), and I reached for my camera in my backpack. But as luck would have it, I had failed to remember to bring it, and there we were, stuck staring at the thing, but with no camera. We both turned our backs to alert another nearby friend, who was unwilling to hear what we had to say, since we're the weird, paranoid, supernatural-type people, and when we finally got her to look, it was gone. She glared at us, and rolled her eyes, the usual look;)

Kate and I just kinda looked at each other, and continued on with everyone else, slightly nervous and jumpy.

Next we proceeded to the underground part of the town, a cold, drafty place, like a cave, but once occupied. Of course, he told us some pretty impressive stories, kinda scaring us all.. Kate swore she heard chains rattling, and I heard the sound too, but I'm not so sure if it wasn't just cars overhead.. She of course refused to believe me, since that's the way she is, but we saw nothing else later on.. I told her not to tell anyone, I knew no one would believe us of all people, but of course in the middle of one of the rooms, she blurted out what we had seen, and everyone just rolled their eyes at us, dismissing it as an attempt to scare everyone.

But it was real. Of course no one believes us now, but it was! I just wish I had brought my camera... Then I would have some real proof!

Just let that be a lesson to anyone else who goes on a ghost walk...expect the unexpected!

Tara, Texas, USA
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