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The Blue Light (2)

Terry Bursey, Newfoundland, Canada
October 2012

When I was around 12 years old, I was sitting up in my bed either drawing or doing homework, I don’t remember which. I wasn’t all that tired but it was late at night. I remember placing my pencil on the floor and lying down, the light was on. All of a sudden my window above my head started rattling or shaking back and forth in the frame. I remember being curious about it and I told myself it was the wind, but if it was I would have heard the leaves in the big tree outside rustling, but they weren’t. This made me a bit scared and I began to pay alot of attention to it. This went on, off and on every few seconds for I’d say about 3 to 5 minutes before it stopped.

This is the freaky part, while I was lying down I heard a click click click click sound comming from the floor beside my bed. It took a few seconds for me to realize that it was my pencil rolling back and forth along the floor. This went on for a time and I gathered the courage to look down and see what it was, and sure enough, my pencil was rolling along the floor, back and forth, making a click,click,click sound as it did. At once I sprang up and ran out of my room, hoping to find my grandmother, who I lived with.

About halfway’s hard to describe, a blue ball of light, almost like a flame, with white in the center seemed to flare up out of nowhere right before my eyes. It was a neon blue or the blue of a light saber if that helps. I don’t think it made a sound, but it may have made a fffft sound but it was so long ago its hard to tell for sure. I remember yelling in fright and making a dash towards my grandmothers room but after that I remember nothing. This is true. There’s no reason to believe me but I swear this really happened to me.

Terry Bursey, Newfoundland, Canada
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