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The Boondocker Inn

Anonymous, USA
June 2012

My mother used to work at a restaurant called the Boondocker Inn. I used to go with her to just hang out and occasionally bring a friend.

At the time I was about 5 and what I saw will never be forgotten. Many people say that the Boondocker Inn is haunted but no ghost has ever been seen.

One day when my mother was working I asked for 50 cents so I could use the bathroom and get a gumball out of the machine which was right next to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and saw a girl about 9 in a white gown standing in front of me. I couldn't help but stare at her because she was so strange, that's when she looked straight at me...her face was a light blue and so were her lips, she looked right into my eyes and I ran out of the bathroom. I kept quiet about the girl I saw and never went into the bathroom again and I tried to keep my mother out as much as possible.

I was about to start kindergarten and it was the last time I was going to be at the Boondocker Inn, that day I noticed something that made me feel uneasy, at five years old you would think I wouldn't know much about this or even pay any attention to it but I was different than any regular child.

I noticed a rope hanging from the ceiling, they were cut very short and hardly noticeable unless you looked hard, I had heard so many stories about people hanging themselves and I couldn't help but think back about the little girl and that maybe she had hung herself. I have never been back there and am moving on from what I saw in the bathroom, at the Boondocker Inn.

Anonymous, USA
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