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The Boy (1)

Anonymous, IL, USA
March 2012

My best friend grew up together, I knew her family and was always aware of the "ghost" that lived with them but I never thought I would have an experience of my own. They named him Frank, and he has followed them to every house they have lived in. My friend has a lot of stories but this one is my own.

I was over at her house one day, just me, her, and her brother. I was in the living room when she told me she had to go downstairs to finish laundry and her brother was upstairs in his room

She went downstairs and I decided to get something to drink, I called her name and asked if she wanted anything, but I got no response so I called her brothers name and asked the same.

I poked my head into the living room and saw him sitting on the couch and asked again but still no answer so I got my drink and went back in the living room but her brother was gone. About a minute later she came upstairs and he came downstairs. He said he didn't know I was there and I asked why he ignored me. He said he was upstairs the whole time, he was wearing a t shirt but when I saw him sitting on the couch he was wearing a black hoodie. When I told them what I saw they were both a little scared but knew who it was right away.

When I think back about it, it looked like a boy maybe 10 years old with all black and his hood up sitting in the corner of the couch with his knees to his chest looking down like someone reading a book.

I think if I knew it was not her brother at the time I would have had a heart attack but thinking about it im not scared, I know he means no harm and he is just watching the family.

Anonymous, IL, USA
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