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The Boy and The Dog

Helen Quaigg, Ohio USA
April 1999

I have a little boy about 3 years old living in my house. He's not real and everyone in our house doesn't see him just my son Jason and I...He's the cutest thing and he doesn't bother anything he just runs through the house and looks out of my bed room window it's always the same window... there is also a dog I don't think that the dog belongs to the little boy because he doesn't seem to go with him..I see the dog looking at me from time to time..and my son has seen him run into his bedroom but when he goes in there to see him he's just gone.

My Son Jason is 20 years old and we've been seeing these two since 1984...just recently I was in the laundry room with my husband folding the laundry and A man in a plaid shirt walked right by me without even looking my way....and my husband said what was that? He didn't see him but he felt was very strange. We also recently opened a pizza place and I was working in the kitchen one day and I out of the corner of my eye, I saw this beautiful woman in a flowered dress.. about the same time, my son came out of the dining room and said.....have you seen anything unusual? and I said just one.....and he said, go into the dining room.....there were people strange...not a bit scary but so weird.....My husband has never ever seen anyone that's not really there....and thinks I'm crazy sometimes so I'm really glad my son and I get to share this.

Thanks for listening.

Helen Quaigg, Ohio USA
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