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The Boy In The Mexican Restaurant

June 2001

This is a quick story.

Back in 1995 I lived in Detroit with my wife and daughter while I went to school. One time we went to a local Mexican restaurant down the road from where we lived. When we walked in the waitress greeted us while she was cleaning up a table and asked us to take any table we wanted while she finished her task. The restaurant was empty and we were the only patrons at that particular time. A little while after we sat down she came to our table with four glasses of water plus four sets of silverware. "Where's the boy?", she asked us.
"What boy?", was my reply.
"The little boy that came in with you into the restaurant?"
My wife and I turned to each other knowing the answer (or at least thinking we did). We had recently found out that she was pregnant. Is it possible this was the spirit of our unborn son, lingering around, getting to know us? Or was it that the restaurant itself was haunted? Or was it that the waitress was just plain nuts? You be the judge...

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