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The Boy in The VW

Rochelle Barozzi, Nevada, USA
October 2001

Being raised with a strong Irish grandmother, I was always told I "had the gift of sight." I was a sceptical believer, until the Autumn of 1993.

I was the Health & Wellness coordinator at Highline Community College in Seattle, WA. It was in October, and with the holidays coming on I wanted to impress to the students the hazards of drinking and driving. I had contacted Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to bring to my campus an auto in which a young person had been killed in, for a strong visual reminder of this danger.

When they came and brought the VW "Bug" and set it down in the "Quad" area, they gave me the basic statistics of the victim. No name, but age, sex and date they had died. I left the auto to go to my office, to make a headstone with this information on it. As I was writing this info down, I had noticed that he had died at the beginning of October, and it was then, the middle of October my first thoughts were, "Oh, man he just died." He was just 19 years old, I thought, "God, he was so young, and it hadn't been that long." I then carried the headstone, and the poster with drunk driving statistics on it to the car. As I was about to set the headstone in the front seat, I noticed, along with many beer cans in the front and back seat, his keys. They were sitting on the front seat, I don't know why that bothered me, but I didn't want anyone to take them, so I picked them up to put them under the seat. That is when I felt a lightening bolt go up my right arm! It felt like I had been shocked! In my mind, I heard, "He is still there, he doesn't know he is dead!" I threw the keys under the seat, and ran to my office. I was so shaken and disturbed that I wouldn't tell anyone what had happened.

A student of mine, Marie, who happened to be Wiccan, ran into my office. She said, "Rochelle have you seen that car in the Quad!?" At the same time we both said, "He is still there, he doesn't know he is dead!" She noticed how white I was and asked what happened. I told her about the shock to my arm! She then told me, that he had contacted me first, I should be the one to go and set him free. Tell him what happened, that he is dead and it is okay to move on. I had never done that before, and was scared that I would really do more harm! She went to the car and showed him the way to go. But, then she came to me again, and said, "since he contacted you first, go and see if he is still there." I felt I had to go. As I walked to the car, with a lot of students around, I slowly (not wanting to) touched the car, I felt nothing...he was gone. I was so glad for him.

Since then, every time my right shoulders aches I know I am in contact with a spirit. Sometimes it feels like my shoulder will fall off, it is so strong. I have studied on how to help them be at peace, and to move on. I guess that my Grandma from Ireland was right, I have the "sight". I just wish it didn't hurt my arm every time! Geez.

Rochelle Barozzi, Nevada, USA
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