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The Boy Next Door

December 2004

The following story is 100% TRUE and was told by my Aunt Karen which was witnessed by her several times and once by my uncle, Jim. She had told me this story over the summer which still gives me chills even to write about it.

The story goes that there was a boy who lived next door (about 7 years ago) about 17 or 18 years old. Please keep in mind that everyday he walked the path of his driveway and turned right onto the main road(my aunt lived on) which eventually led downhill towards the stop...that was his route for his bus-stop to college (community college). Let's call this boy Mike.

Mike was very troubled. He took drugs and smoked with his friends, to the point where he actually was forced (by his father) to turn to the hospital for help. His license was probably revoked from his drug habits, which may have resulted in walking to his bus-stop for college.

One day an ambulance and two police cars showed up in front of the house. My aunt was quite worried and feared that the worst had happened...and something did.

Mike had died. Apparently, his father had wanted to wake him up for college but instead found him extremely pale and cold to the touch. He immediately called the police & the ambulance. Mike was pronounced dead on site from "drug overdose." Later on in the day, the father had a heart attack from shock (from his sons death) but luckily called the ambulance in time.

On with the story: A day after the boy's death, my Aunt Karen went to drive my cousin to school early in the morning. She noticed someone exiting from the door of the house next-door through her rear view mirror. Someone familiar in appearance. Then she realized it looked exactly like the boy who recently had died. She knew it was him from his hair color (his siblings and parents all had blonde hair except for him). Also because his hair was wet, the usual way he put it each morning after a shower for school. She blinked a few times and shook her head in disbelief.

The next day the she drove my cousin to school again. Again, the boy came out of his house at the same time in the morning. This time he was wearing the same clothes from Aunt Karen was confused. When she arrived back at her house, she told her husband about the boy next door and how she saw him. He thought she was just seeing things, until he finally saw him himself. She told me that my uncle had turned white when he came to her.

Saturday morning, my Aunt Karen was digging up the garden patch on the right hand side of her house (by the boy's house)...she heard a squeak of the door, shoes clacking, and then a slam....

Now imagine a house that had an "L" shaped walkway connecting to the driveway

She said that the boy walked down the steps of his walkway, onto the path facing my aunt and continued walking. She was horrified that the boy was coming her way. My aunt was about to run back to the house if he didn't make the turn onto the driveway (the driveway was very near to her patch). She claimed what she saw was horrifying. She expressed him as a pale normal looking person except for his eyes....he did not blink....his expression was cold, dead.....his eyes could see right through you.....I keep imagining the whites of his eyes are completely black.

About a week later, my Aunt Karen noticed a van pull up to her next-door neighbor's house. Out of it came two priests...

From then on she never saw the boy again...

My aunt says that ever since that family moved out of the house, no family ever lives there for more than 3 years.

Thank-You for reading my story.

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