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The Boy On Chamber's Creek

Ounsrey, Washington, USA
December 2006

I've always been a firm believer in the paranormal. Quite a bit has happened to me over the past years, mainly when I was younger. It has digressed a little as I grew, but I still hear and see things.

I work at a nearby hospital, not too far from home if I take the short-cut through the back road (which is only a 6 minute drive compared to the drive through the city which is 15 minutes). I work the evening shift so I don't get off of work until 11 or 12 at night. I always take Chamber's Creek (the back road) to get home.
I was thinking about how I had a rough week at work. Six people had died on my watch right after I had just walked out of their rooms in just one week. I thought it was very strange. Being a nurse, I felt like I wasn't doing my job at all. I was in a very depressed mood, listening to my iPOD which was connected to my stereo.
Chamber's Creek consists of trees on both sides of the two way road. As you get further down the road, there would be a creek on the left side and the road will take you over the creek on a bridge. Throughout the whole 1 mile down that road, there is no lighting fixtures. 1 mile should be a quick ride if the road is a straight away, but it's not. Chamber's Creek is on a cliff and it has many sharp unexpected turns with a strict 30 miles per hour speed. I always get chills down that road so I'd drive as fast I could.
Along the creek is railroad tracks which are next to the road. Trains pass through there once in a while.
Back to my story:
On this night I was driving home as usual, nothing out of the ordinary when I got down to the creek. I was singing along to my iPOD when it was started making a buzzing noise. I looked at my iPOD and on the screen it said that it was running out of batteries. The iPOD shut down. I thought it was very strange, especially when I FULLY charged my iPOD before I had left work.
While I was getting frustrated with my iPOD, I didn't notice my dashboard light was fading out. My dashboard light goes on when my head lights are on.
I checked the side panel of my car to see if it was on and it was. While I was checking the head lights, an oncoming car flashed it's high beams at me. From experience, it means that my head lights aren't on. Sure enough, in front of me, all I could see was darkness. I was frustrated; I thought it couldn't be my car, it's a brand new Toyota and I know they wouldn't give up on me that quick. I was more terrified though. I was driving down this road with no lights beside the light coming from the moon and stars.
I was afraid that I might drive off a cliff and die.
When I crossed the bridge over Chamber's Creek I was startled to hear my iPOD go back on. I checked to see the battery and it wasn't even half empty. It was still full. My dashboard and head lights came back on. I was really confused and frightened that I didn't go home. Being a 20 year old girl that lives alone in a creaky apartment, I made the right decision to head over to my friend's apartment who only lives two minutes away. I explained to him what happened. Mike (my friend) is also a firm believer in ghosts. He told me that I might have passed through "something" supernatural. He goes ghost hunting and he told me they (ghost/spirits) send off electrical signals (or something) and drain off energy.
For the next two weeks or so, I did not drive down that road. I rather take an extra 9-10 minutes passing through the city than to go through it again... or so I thought.
My car was in the shop not too long ago; so I had Mike drop me off and pick me up from the hospital.
On our way home, he decided to take Chamber's Creek. I thought it would be fine since I have someone with me.
It was raining really hard that night, like it always does in this state of Washington. A heavy fog came along with it. My friend drove extra slow to be careful. We were listening to the radio when it went static. Then we heard it. A train was passing through. The railroad tracks intersect at the bridge before crossing over the creek. We were almost near the bridge when we noticed that the rail that usually comes down to keep cars back wasn't down and the red light wasn't blinking or making noise. But we could still hear the train coming. We were still going really slow due to the fog and as we got near the tracks, we could see a figure. An outline of a little boy about 6 or 8 years of age. We could only see the top half but not the bottom. He was just standing there on the tracks, his back turned to us. We heard the train coming closer. We could see the light on top of it. We yelled for the boy to move and get out of way. As he turned around to face us, he had the worst, horrible face.
His eyes were hollow and his mouth was open wide as if to scream but no sound came out. What really stood out and sent us into shock was that he had no nose. Then the train hit him. Both he and the train disappeared. We both looked at each other dumbfounded.
Mike did not care about the rails coming down or not, he drove as fast as he could to get home.
After that, I couldn't go home and be by myself. I decided to sleep over at Mike's. We were terribly shaken up by it. We were in bed, still in shock and shaking out of our minds. We couldn't go to sleep but fell asleep eventually, when I was awoken by Mike asking me if I had called his name. I hadn't. I drifted back to sleep. Then I heard a little boy's voice call my name. I woke up Mike and asked him if he called me, he hadn't.
We lay in bed staring up at the ceiling even more terrified then ever. All we heard now was our heart beats which sounded like drums. I held onto Mike and just when all seemed to be calm and still, his bed began to shake. It wasn't a hard shake, just a little shake. We thought his cat had jumped on the bed so he yelled for it to jump off. The shaking continued. We soon realized, it wasn't his cat but "something" else. We were about to jump out of the bed when we heard the saddest cry ever. A child's cry and it was coming from the room. A child was sobbing. He wasn't crying loud. It was one of those type of cries where you want to pick them up and cuddle them. It was like he lost his favorite pet. It was a heart wrenching cry. Mike and I felt it in our heart and we were about to cry with him. We held each other, with our heads under the blanket. We didn't want to peek out and see something that will scar us for the rest of our life.
We stayed under there until morning when we woke up. We don't know how it happened, but we fell asleep. Needless to say, we never went down that road again.
Nothing else happened after that night. We did some research on the place. The place has had horrible accidents. Including a little boy being run over by a train.

Ounsrey, Washington, USA
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