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The Boyfriend and the Cat

Ayrshire, Scotland
February 2001

This story happened last year and is still difficult for me to talk about, so here goes.

Just over a year ago my cat, who I had called Seti was knocked down by a car. Seti had been my closest friends for years, apart from my fiancee.

We decided to dig him a grave in our backyard. A few days later, we decided to get another cat as I was missing Seti so much. Deciding to go that afternoon and choose our new cat, my fiancee went out to run a few errands, taking his motorbike. Both of us were big motorbike fanatics.

After a few hours of him being away I started to get a funny feeling, as if something wasn't quite right. Dinner time came lunch time came and went and still there was no sign of my boyfriend.

After calling around a few of our friends, I started panicking for some reason and started having trouble breathing. Suddenly I had a feeling, I knew something had happened to my fiancee. I phoned his best friend and his wife. They agreed with me that we should go out to look for him.

10 minutes later, I was on my own motorbike, our friends were in their car. When we turned onto a long empty road, I knew he was there somewhere. After driving up and down the road a few times, the engine of my bike turned off and the bike refused to start. I got off the bike and our friends got out of the car. We decided to walk around.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black cat that looked a lot like Seti running across the road and down the side. Curiously I ran over to where the cat went down. Standing at the side of the road I saw my guy's helmet, and about 5 feet away, his bike. Beside the bike was him. Screaming I ran down the hill, when I got there the cat was beside him and looking up at me, it was Seti! Just then our friends ran down the hill, looking down at Seti, he had gone.

That night after returning from the hospital, and assuring my friends I would be ok, I found myself alone in our house. Alone for the first time in three years. After walking around the house touching things belonging to him I decided to go to bed. Walking into his room I saw his bike leather dumped on his side of the bed. I fell asleep holding them in my arms. I woke up around 2am, I wasn't sure what had woken me up but I felt that someone was with me in the room.

Sitting up in bed I saw my fiancee standing at the bottom of our bed, with Seti in his arms. I was frozen to the spot, unable to talk or move. He walked round to the side of the bed and stroked my face, telling me he would always wait for me, he vanished. Since then I have felt his presence a few times, and his arm round my waist.

Ayrshire, Scotland
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