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The Brother

Rachel, Wales, UK
April 2009

Most of my family believes in the paranormal. My cousin is a medium and my aunty (her mother) can feel spirits around her. My cousin have always given us messages from my grandmother, she even told us that 'someone' in the family is going to have a baby boy very soon, and it turned out to be me which was a big shock for the family since I was only 17 at the time. But even though we have a medium in the family, a lot of people still don't believe. My partner doesn't believe in anything paranormal even though I am adamant that my story is true. Also my father is not a believer and laughs and makes jokes when something is brought up about the paranormal.

Okay, back to my story. I was 10 at the time, which makes the year 2000. It took place in my parents' house, which I have lived in since three years old and never really had any other experiences apart from seeing auras. My room was the small box room, being the youngest and old girl I was lucky to have my own room. My brother's room was next to mine. I was trying to get to sleep one night, staring at my bedroom door, my bed was in the angle which I could stare straight through the door onto the landing. I was starting to feel tired when I thought I saw something weird. I had a camper bed, the sort of bed which is set half way up the wall. I saw figures walking through my doorway and straight through the desk and wall/window a few steps away. That's when I started to get scared, more figures walked in and I noticed they didn't have any heads!! I was frozen in my bed, lying down, following the figures with my eyes. That's when my brother, Richard, came in my room. He was 13-14 at the time. I was so happy to see him. He stood at the head of my bed where I was laying and said 'It's alright Rachel, It's nothing here.' as he went to put his hand on my face to sooth me, his face changed. I can't explain what this face looked like it was so long ago, but I can remember it was a male and his face looked deformed like he have been tortured, or burnt. His hand was an inch away from my face when I screamed and he disappeared. I was sitting up in my bed when my parents came running in worrying what happened to me. I explained to them what I saw, and my father didn't believe a word, the unbeliever he is. My mother was pretty much the same and thought I had a bad dream even though she is a believer, having seeing her mother a few month after her death. I slept in their bed that night. A lot of people I told about my 'experience' have put it off to a bad dream, but I am adamant that it is true. After a while, I started to believe everyone that it must have been a dream, what other explanation is behind this? But in the back of my head I still believed what I saw and I KNEW that I wasn't dreaming that night.

To put more truth behind my experience, I decided to look for mediums on the internet. I was about 14 at the time, and moved out of the box bedroom. Not because I was afraid, I loved that room!! even after everything that happened (More things happened in that bedroom, myself, my mother and my oldest brother all saw the auras, and came to the conclusion that only that room had paranormal activity because nothing happened around the rest of the house, which was newly built on a field when we first moved in). It had been my room since I was 3 and actually cried when I went into the 'garage' which had been turned into a bedroom for me. So I went on the internet and searched for a medium. I found one who had his email address. I wrote him an email, tried to put in the least information as possible. I told him that I saw things when I was 10 in my bedroom, also about the 'shape- shifter' who looked like my brother (I learnt this word on most haunted years after my experience, a ghost picks a shape and look of someone else, this also helped me think that I wasn't crazy) I mentioned the auras we saw and asked if it was my Nan. I told him that we are the only family who has ever lived in the house since it was built new. When I had an email back I was shocked because I didn't expect a reply. He told me that the place my house was built on used to be a castle ground in the 1300's and the specific place was where they tortured the people in the 'wrong', and beheaded them. (I never told him about the headless ghosts!!) he did mention something about the ghost which took the figure of my brother but I can't remember exactly what he said, I don't think he wanted to harm me but to scare me. The auras were not my Nan but were an old lady and a young boy who are friendly and just like company. That's pretty much all he said, but he did tell me a way to get in contact with my Nan because I wanted to see if she was okay but I never tried it, Too scared.

There is one other part to my scary night, which I didn't find out about until a couple of months ago. Richards (my brother) girlfriend of 7 years was talking to me and I told her about my experience (I had told her before but she forgot what happened) and when I said that I saw Richards face on that one spirit, she gasped and told me that one night when Richard was 13, he woke up in the night and felt like he couldn't breathe, nothing like a panic attack, but as if something or someone was pushing down on him. He also couldn't move and started to get afraid but didn't shout out because our oldest brother was asleep in the bed next to him. I'm not sure if this is connected to my night, or even if it is 100% true. But it is a bit weird that it happened to my brother the same age he was that it happened to me. I will never know if it was the same night, I could try asking my cousin about it but the family don't like bothering her with spirit questions because they give her a 'headache' (she has them around her all day long). the only reason she told us that my Nan was with her is because my Nan had been 'pestering' her all day to talk to us about something important, and this made me and my mother 100% believers no matter what happens, even though we have always believed, it's just different when you have 'proof'.

Thank you for reading my story, I know many people will not believe this experience. I have to admit it seems pretty far-fetched and if I read something like this on here I'd probably think 'is it true?' As well, all I can give you is my word that this story is 100% true. I have admitted that people thought I was dreaming and even admitted that I thought it was at some point. But no matter what people say to me about it being a 'dream' at least I know that it wasn't.
p.s. while writing my experience I felt some sort of pressure pushing me down into the armchair I'm sitting on, probably just my mind playing tricks on me, I get so freaked out remembering this experience!

Rachel, Wales, UK
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