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The Brown House

Maple, Washington, USA
June 2005

Ok, first of all I want to say that if you're prejudice about kids then you might want to stop reading 'cause I'm twelve. Just a warning. =] Also, the following events are completely true. I swear. I want to give a little background check before I start the experience telling though.

From the time when I was born to 3rd grade I lived out in the country sort of beside Lynden and Bellingham, in a dark brown house that had lots of yard-space and a small pond. We called it "the Brown House". Well, the pond was half sewage (which might freak you out), but it didn't really smell or anything like that. Around it was a sort of small forest and there was a huge old willow tree that had a rope swing hanging from it and I would swing there often. In fact I became a pro. But I'd NEVER swing there alone. I refused to play outside at all unless somebody was with me, and if we still lived there I would most likely stick to that tradition.

On to the experiences.

When you walked into my house, first there would be the kitchen, then the living room, then you'd come to an alcove that had my room on the left side, my parents room on the right, and the bathroom in the middle, with a closet slightly to the right of that.

Whenever it was dark outside and I was about to go to bed (in the later years around 3rd grade, before we moved), we would have all the lights turned off in the bathroom/bedroom area. I never ever wanted to go in there because it was so dark and I felt like there was a presence. So I would make my dad go into the bathroom with me while I brushed my teeth because I would get so freaked out. The "presences" are not something I can fully explain, but I just knew they were there. And really it scared me.

I wasn't (and I'm still not) a "normal" kid with a perfect house and a perfect little sportscar and a perfect life and a perfect poodle. I had a cat, (a really rad one) my parents had a Toyota Van, I was always getting picked on at school and only my best friend and a few guys were nice to me. And of course my parents were nice because duh, they're my parents.

Anyways, sometimes at night I would wake up with my cat Marcel (who has passed away since) sleeping at my feet, and I would just.... FEEL this..... wierdness. I had two windows, one overlooking the field we had and then the fence and the road, the other window basically overlooking the pond. Sometimes I'd "feel" someone standing over my bed and I would go rigid and not move a muscle until the feeling went away. After that I'd just try to go back to sleep by listening to my mom's (LOUD) snores. Not like that comforted me much. I've never really told my parents about anything, I thought my mom would just say "Don't be silly." ..... which would probably just tick me off.

Other times when I was walking away from my bedroom to help my mom cook in the kitchen, or to go play frisbee with my dad, I would "feel" a presence again, this time behind me. I would get so scared I would start to run just to get away from that wierd "feeling". I remember looking back alot while I was running away, and sometimes seeing a ghostly transparent-ish white form floating into my room or one of the other rooms.

Still other times I would be down be the pond and swinging from the rope swing with somebody there with me and then I would feel sort of, hunted, or watched, so I would go back to the house. I always felt like something was looking through the tall bushes at me and not ever looking away, just sitting there crouched and watching. I would sprint marathon-runner style back up to the house.

When I was playing in my room with my Legos or beading sometimes and my mom would be cooking or my dad would be working on the yard or something, I'd start to feel watched again and I'd run out and see if my parents wanted any help or anything.

The last thing i experienced in that house was when I was moving out, and we were loading boxes into the Van. My grandparents came up from Ohio to help us, which was fun because I really like them. So anyways, I was just kind of saying goodbye to the house and then I was walking out of what had been my bedroom and I turned around and I looked back at the bedroom/bathroom area and there was a transparent white thing shaped a little like a human form disappearing quickly behind the alcove. I was creeped out but somehow I thought that it was saying goodbye to me.....

Hope you enjoyed my experiences and please email me if you have any comments or anything.

Maple, Washington, USA
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