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The Buried Construction Worker

Zach, Missouri, USA
September 1999

In 1993 my parents had a house built for our family. While the construction workers were working on the foundation of the house, a man fell into the concrete, and sunk, and no one found him, until the concrete was all dried up, and his car was left there. It was known hammering. Every night at around 9pm, we would here a hammering noise in the foundation, it was him, hammering wooden supports for the floor. When the construction workers finally said that he had died, his family began telling life long secrets about him, and that he used to break into houses, and steal money, and valuable things.

Before we got a security system put into our house, I would always be afraid that someone was going to break into our house. So every night I would wake up, and go into my parents room. But one night, I woke up, and I heard something, I looked up, and there stands a man. He had a golfing hat on, raggy clothes, and very dirty. I saw him taking things, and he turned around and looked at me. I pulled the covers over my head, and was scared to death. After a few minutes, I looked up, and NOTHING was there.

The next morning, I was the first up, so I could look to see if we had any broken windows, or any unlocked doors, all doors and windows were locked, and no windows were broken. And NOTHING was missing.

Zach, Missouri, USA
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