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The Bytown Museum

The Cryptkeepers sister
April 2023
Somewhere, Ontario Canada

This story takes place in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada's capital)

I'm not sure of the year (2005-2007?), a group of us decided to go on the infamous "Haunted walk". It's Nov 1st so we're thinking could be spooky as the veil would still be thin for hauntings.

For most of the walk we didn't see or hear anything but learned some interesting stories. For the end of this tour, we go into "The Bytown Museum" where there are many stories to be told about the hauntings there. All was entertaining so far until we got upstairs to the room where the plaster cast hand of "Darcy McGee" is kept.

As soon as we had climbed up to this floor a couple of us on the tour commented on this nauseas feeling, but then it quickly passed. I chalked it up to climbing up the stairs and didn't think much more about it. We continued past the landing/upper room following the guide into another room that has one of the split Dutch door type things where the door is in two halves where the top or the bottom can be latched closed while the other remains open. The tour guide leads us to the infamous hand and starts telling us the tale of how/why the hand was cast, when we hear *BANG* I won't lie I screamed and almost peed myself. We all turned to look towards where the bang came from. It was the door behind us that we all just walked through. As we looked at it, it was slowly moving back to the wall. Then *Bang* it came flying shut again, this time the top half of the door swinging back after the bang while the bottom half stayed closed. Then *click* as the bottom half slowly opened then swung back. The feeling of nausea returned as well a feeling like it got really hot in the room. We turned to look at our tour guides and they just looked pale green and commented on how in all the years they've done that tour they hadn't seen this happen. So needless to say, we're all a little shaken up. We finish up with that story and head back down to the gift shop where they had refreshments.

I've asked other people who've been on that tour since, and they all say they hadn't experienced that type of episode at the museum.

The Cryptkeepers sister
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