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The Cabin In The Woods

Josh Minton, KY, USA
March 2003

As I Lazily rolled over in bed one Saturday morning, I noticed that my friend, Luke, who had spent the night with me, was nowhere to be found. As I leaned back over to stroll out of bed, a face appeared in the corner of my bedroom door frame. "What do you want to do today?" Luke gasped. "I'm really bored". As I squinted over towards him trying to adjust my eyes to the light, "Let's go 4-wheeling". With a Heavy grin, giving is that Luke doesn't have a 4-wheeler of his own; he replied "Sounds good to me!"

As we dressed in our usual heavy clothing for the woods, my Mom entered the room. "Where are you guys going?" "We're just gonna go riding around for a little while. "Well, you guys need some Breakfast first" Mom insisted. We quickly Scarfed down our Breakfast and headed out the door.

As we filled up the ATVs with Gas, we then took off into the woods. As we drove along the musky dirt trail, we noticed that the woods did not seem as lively as they usually were. It almost seemed awkward in the way that something had scared them off. As I lead us farther into the woods, it seemed to get darker with every second, even though it was noon. And then, suddenly a body in motion leaped in front of my 4-wheeler, I slammed my brakes as hard as they would go missing the object by at most 2 inches. "Are you okay?!" Luke gasped "that was a close one". "Yeah, I'm fine, but did you see the size of that Buck?" I replied. Luke then laughed in descent of knowing that I was alright.

As we had reached even farther into the woods, the terrain began to grow very faint. I had never been this far back before and I didn't have a clue of where I was going. We then reached this old house that looked like it had existed for ages. The porch was caved in and the front doorway had been boarded up. "Come one Jay, let's go through it". "I don't know man, that doesn't even seem like a house, it just looks like termites holdin' hands!" "Come on man, it looks fine, let's go" Luke replied. I nervously agreed and began walking toward the old cabin. As we crawled through the window and took a step on the floor, I was surprised by the sturdiness of the house. Other than a few creaks, it had a Strong frame for its age.

As we wandered around the 2 room shack, we glanced on the walls which was covered with old newspapers, the old fireplace had falling through what looked like years ago because of the mildew covering the stone that it was built out of. As we entered the other room, it contained a spiral staircase that had been cut off at the bottom, and all that was left was the top of the stairs. "I wonder what's up there" Luke curiously asked. "I don't know". My curiosity had suddenly risen and I replied "Let's go see". I hoisted Luke up to the stairs that still remained and he climbed up to the talk. Quickly, after he had reached the top he lent a hand for me to explore the upstairs also. The muskiness of the one room upstairs made it hard to breath, it consisted of an old dusty mattress that looked like had been left behind. We also noticed a dark hole in the wall that was deep enough for a person the size of Luke and me to crawl into. Suddenly, we heard a rumbling of someone walking in the room beneath us. "What in the hell was that?" Luke Gasped. "I think someone is here!" We didn't make a move wandering what could be lurking downstairs. We then both looked toward the wall staring at the dark hole. Without a word, we signaled each other over to the hole. Luke, first crept into the hole gasping to get breath in the humid air, and with the terror we faced, it wasn't helping at all. I then crawled into the hole discovering a larger open crawl space. As we sat in there terrified, we began to hear noises that were unexplainable.

At first we heard whispers of many people below us, as time grew the voice became louder and higher pitched. Luke and I began to panic on whether we would make it out of the cabin alive. The foot steps came back, as we heard heavy stomping in what seemed the upstairs in the room beside us. The whole house began to rumble as if an earthquake was occurring. We then started screaming in terror of something capturing us from our crawl space hide out. But, then the rumbling began fainter and fainter. It became total silence besides the cracks of the old house. "I think it left" I gnarled. "Let's get the hell out of here!" I crawled out of the dark space first. As I stood up, I dusted all of the Thick dust off of my clothes. "Oh my god! Let's get out of here!" Luke gasped. He shot out of the hole in the wall and stood up. "What's wrong?" I asked. "There is something in that hole. I saw it!" Luke replied. I was then in complete horror and we both jetted down the steps, but were distracted by a sudden bang upstairs. "Who's there?" I screamed. There was complete silence. As we glared at the top of the steps we saw a shadowy figure come into view. It was a humongous framed body with which looked like it had deformities on its body. After about 2 seconds, Luke and I raced out the window and onto our 4-wheelers and took off. I then looked back at the old cabin to see a dark figure creeping through the top floor window. For the split-second that I glanced at the thing, it seemed as his facial expression was odd of what I expected. It seemed sad and lonely. I took no time to think about it until I reached home.

"What happened to you guys?" my mom asked in shock of the dustiness of our clothes. We then told her about the old house and how we explored it. But, we decided not to tell her of the happenings of what we thought was "paranormal activity", we figured she wouldn't understand.

Luke and I have shared with each other to this day of what he have felt about the stuff that occurred that Saturday morning. Luke informed me that when he was alone in that crawl space he felt something that resembled a human hand touch him.

The conclusion I have come to is that there is still things on this earth still left for us to discover and understand. And most importantly, I now believe that paranormal exists, for good and for evil. I am still mystified by what Luke and I encountered that day.

Josh Minton, KY, USA
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