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The Camping Trip

January 2005

Hi, I'm a 27 year old female and I believe in the supernatural very much. I have a story to tell that till this day it confuses me. It's not real scary but it scared me enough at that time, I cried. It starts out like this:

In sixth grade, I was about 12 I believe at that time, we went on a camping trip with the class. It was a week away from home, we went and I'm trying to remember, I think it was Big Bear (I live in California). Please understand this was a long time ago and I don't remember the name but I do think it was Big Bear. Anyhow, there would be different schools going, it was mostly 6th graders from different cities, school districts that got to go. When we got there they assigned us to a cabin and we had a counselor for each. In each cabin and I don't quite remember but I think it was 8 people per cabin. I had gotten the top bunk, I had like a window that I could see the stars and all it was nice but I remember asking one of the girls to exchange with me, for some reason I was scared and couldn't sleep up there the first night. It felt as though someone was watching me. After that night I remember asking her if she slept fine she said yes. I thought that was weird but brushed it off as to me being a little silly and after that everything was fine almost the whole week.

The second to last night there our counselor was to take us out to the woods to an open area to tell us about the constellations. Everyone in all the cabins were going up the mountain in their groups to check this out, it was like 9:00 or so at night, everyone was taking different routes. As we were all walking and heading towards those woods, this fear started taking over me, and my eyes started swelling up. And I can't say that I'm scared of the dark because I love to sleep with no light in my room at all. I kept trying to brush that feeling off but as we kept walking heading up the mountain this fear kept growing and it intensified so much that I started to cry, and I mean crying like a child. The counselor tried to calm me down but I couldn't calm down, she tried holding my hand and walking with me, we walked a few more steps when all of the sudden my feet would not budge. Like my body couldn't move forward, it was such a horrible feeling of dread. I just knew that something was not right in the path that we were going, something was up there in those woods in that precise section. I felt like eyes on me, like something very evil was there. And I could not shake the feeling.

I was crying so hard that I don't ever remember crying that hard. And that feeling I had was down to the pit of my stomach, so overwhelming.
Finally the counselor saw that she was getting nowhere with me so she took us back down to the cabin. As soon as we started walking away the feeling started fading and I completely stopped crying, the feeling was almost like the same I felt when I was sleeping on the top bunk except 10 times stronger and it felt as though whatever it was was closer to me. I know this sounds ridiculous but honestly that is just what happened. All the girls in my cabin were confused as to why I was crying and acting that way and the counselor a bit more. When they asked I couldn't even explain it myself, it was as though I was mute for a while like I was trying to figure out what had just happened. I felt so ashamed, but it was something that was out of my control and till this day I wonder what was up there that I was so afraid of?

All I know is that for a fact there was something up there and something very evil. That has not happened to me again, but I always wonder what would of happen if we would of gone up there that night.

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