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The Candle

October 2004

Some years back my great grandmother passed away. According to her will my little sister was supposed to inherit an old candle holder that had been passed down for generations in the family. Unfortunately, my sister was out of town when the will was read and the candle was given to me to hold until my sister had returned.

Well, let's just say I was happy when she finally came to claim the thing. From the instant I took possession of it I felt really ill at ease. As if something DID NOT want me to have that candle. I felt as if I was being watched, at night I would see a man out of the corner of my eyes just glaring at me, as if I was not wanted. It even got to the point where I was physically attacked by some green energy field; it would shove me to the ground and try to kill me.

Well to make a long story short I gave the dang thing to my sister the first chance I could. She really loved it, never heard her complain once.

Only one funny thing, she started wearing green contacts shortly after.

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