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The Candlestick

Denise, Missouri, USA,
January 2001

My mom told me this story once a while ago, and to this day I can never forget it. It's up to you if you believe it or not. Personally I believe it.

One night when my mom was in Girl Scouts, they were all camping in the woods. Their leader warned the girls not to go into this one abandoned house way back in the woods. Well, being rebellious teenagers, a couple of my mom's friends and her decided to venture out into the mysterious house. Upon arrival, one girl, let's call her Cindy found an antique looking candlestick. They decided to go back to the campsite while Cindy carried her treasure with her.

A few days after they returned to their homes, Cindy's dad (he worked nights at the time) was sitting reading the paper and drinking a hot cup of coffee. Then he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He thought it was maybe because he was exhausted, but he still looked. As his eyes came upon this thing, he thought it might have been Cindy. He yelled,"Cindy, what are you doing." There was no answer. "Cindy." Still no reply. "CINDY, IS THAT YOU??!!??" Then as his eyes came into focus he saw that it wasn't Cindy. He saw that it was a headless looking figure holding the candlestick Cindy had bought home with her.

That night, Cindy was walking down the hallway where her dad supposedly saw that dreaded figure, and tripped over something. She looked down and it was the candlestick.

Denise, Missouri, USA,
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